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Faixa Duração
1 PavementFilmore Jive 6:40
2 DeerhunterMicrocastle Loved track 4:19
3 Panda BearBros Loved track 12:30
4 Fleet FoxesWhite Winter Hymnal Loved track 2:28
5 Sigur RósFestival Loved track 9:27
6 RadioheadReckoner Loved track 4:49
7 Belle and SebastianI'm a Cuckoo Loved track 5:14
8 The Age of RocketsAvada Kedavra Loved track 4:23
9 This Will Destroy YouI Believe in Your Victory Loved track 6:30
10 The Magnetic FieldsI Don't Want to Get Over You Loved track 2:22
11 Explosions in the SkyThe Birth and Death of the Day Loved track 7:50
12 Bloc PartyThis Modern Love 4:25
13 DestroyerEuropean Oils Loved track 4:53
14 DestroyerPainter in Your Pocket Loved track 4:09
15 Sufjan StevensThe Mistress Witch from McClure (or, The Mind That Knows Itself) Loved track 3:24
16 Animal CollectiveFireworks Loved track 6:51

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