Let there be night


Dez 29 2007, 16h02


I've decided to set up my own playlist. But I found out that my favourite tracks aren't available for direct play so I've put them into rar archive. Right now you are able to download it and have an idea what does my soul look like :) Anyway, prepare for some , , and . In most cases it's an easy listening. So if you are not into these genres, you are strongly encouraged to try it! :)

Here's the playlist:

1. Wappenbund - Neues Leben
2. Der Arbeiter - Una palabra tuya
3. Foresta di Ferro - Oak Leaf
4. Werkraum - Chanson de la haute tour
5. Puissance - Burn the Earth
6. Sturmpercht - Viele Volle Becher Klangen
7. Hammer Division - Winter Offensive
8. Dernière Volonté - L'ombre des reverberes
9. Nový Svět or Novy Svet - En Posesion De Te
10. Death in June - Little Black Angel
11. Pimentola - Heart's Dementia (Phase II.)
12. Toroidh - Hail Wermland
13. Horologium - Let there be Night

Here’s the password: idontlikehorses

Here’s the link: http://x86.sk/~fil/pivnica/lastfm/Let_there_be_night.rar
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  • Progfan

    Some seriously great stuff here. Pimentola are one of my all time favourite bands.

    Jan 7 2008, 5h20
  • Epitymbidia

    What an absolutely great idea! Though I don't need to download the listed tracks as I already own most of them or at least know them quite well I seriously appreciate your offer. But perhaps you should link the artists so that your entry can be found more easyly.

    Jan 14 2008, 17h53
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