Top 15, 5 favourite tracks.


Jul 2 2008, 10h03

List your top 15 artists, then name your favourite five songs by each.

(I love so many tracks of my top 3, so I made them 10 favourite tracks!)

01. Nelly Furtado
a. Try
b. Picture Perfect
c. Explode
d. Wait for You
e. Força
f. One-Trick Pony
g. I'm Like a Bird
h. On the Radio (Remember the Days)
i. Turn Off the Light
j. Maneater

02. Evanescence
a. My Last Breath
b. My Immortal
c. The Only One
d. Lacrymosa
e. Breathe No More
f. Away From Me
g. Going Under
h. Snow White Queen
i. Lose Control
j. October

03. The Cranberries
a. This Is the Day
b. Ridiculous Thoughts
c. Analyse
d. Zombie
e. Just My Imagination
f. Ode to My Family
g. Salvation
h. Electric Blue
i. Everything I Said
j. What's on My Mind

04. t.A.T.u.
a. Not Gonna Get Us
b. All the Things She Said
c. Sacrifice
d. Prostye dvizheniya
e. Show Me Love

05. Sufjan Stevens
a. The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades Is Out to Get Us!
b. Sister Winter
c. Jason
d. John Wayne Gacy, Jr.
e. All Delighted People

06. Shakira
a. Ojos Así
b. Ciega, Sordomuda
c. Antología
d. Moscas en la Casa
e. Poem to a Horse

07. Lindsay Lohan
a. Black Hole
b. Very Last Moment in Time
c. Confessions of a Broken Heart
d. I Live for the Day
e. Over

08. Avril Lavigne
a. My Happy Ending
b. Nobody's Home
c. Together
d. Girlfriend
e. I'm with You

09. Dolores O'Riordan
a. October
b. When We Were Young
c. Loser
d. Willow Pattern
e. Angel Fire

10. Emilie Simon
a. Opium
b. My Old Friend
c. Song Of The Storm
d. Blue Light
e. To The Dancers In The Rain

11. Linkin Park
a. Faint
b. Numb
c. A Place for My Head
d. Papercut
e. Forgotten

12. Ashlee Simpson
a. In Another Life
b. Boyfriend
c. Nothing New
d. Undiscovered
e. Better Off

13. Juanes
a. Vulnerable
b. Fotografía
c. Es Por Ti
d. A Dios Le Pido
e. Gotas De Agua Dulce

14. The Rasmus
a. Still Standing
b. Immortal
c. Guilty
d. In The Shadows
e. Keep Your Heart Broken

15. My Chemical Romance
a. Helena
b. The Ghost of You
c. Famous Last Words
d. Mama
e. Disenchanted


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