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Zola JesusDangerous Days Faixa preferida 1 hora atrás
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  • iblamejon

    Just added you and alsooo love your cover photo! Haha

    25 Jun 5h42 Responder
  • gugajansen

    really?? talk about timing... :P

    24 Jun 15h45 Responder
  • gugajansen

    yep, in Lille

    24 Jun 13h01 Responder
  • gugajansen

    nice charts!

    18 Jun 22h02 Responder
  • brunomoonchild


    16 Jun 16h22 Responder
  • iblamejon bugs... Don't even say. :( It would be great if we had another place to talk - if you want to. Oh, really? From Britanny and lives in Lyon. How luck you are, monsieur. Haha. I have two brazilian friends living in France. One of them lives in Toulouse and the other of them lives in Bordeaux. All wonderful cities. Of course I want to meet Paris, but I won't stay there for so long. I don't know if I'm really ready for winters and such, that's why if I go to there, I'm going buy June or July. Hehe. Actually, if I go, I'm going to finish my research at uni, in Norway - because I'm foccused in Norway and some negociations with Brazil and such. Cœur de Pirate is not really well known in my country, but I found her in late 2009 and then I never stopped listening to her. I love her work in her debut album and in Blonde. <3 Haha. She and her accent are really lovely.

    16 Jun 15h38 Responder
  • iblamejon

    Oh, so you study in France and you're british? Cool! I'm fine... Studying as craaazy. I'll have my holidays next month, so I need to finish all my tests to be free as soon as possible. Haha. Oh, really? Italy is wonderful! I hope you enjoy a lot. I'm planning to go to Europe to study between 2015 and 2016. Let's see how things go now. I'm quite worried with so many things and really worreid about this travel, ugh. Oh, it's such a great weather. The winter is coming here, we are having 10 degrees everyday. But I love this weather, it's better than our summer. Grrr. I'm listenning so much to Björk this days, I think it's perfect for the weather. Haha.

    8 Jun 1h06 Responder
  • iblamejon

    I'm poor too, I won all those travels as gifts. :( Hahaha. But that's alright, being rich must be so boring... I think that's why we are studying, you know? To learn how real things are, to face reality and such. Well, winters are better than brazilian summers. It has been terrible this year when we had three (three!!!) months of an endless summer, like, 40 degrees everyday. I'd rather have snow than the burning sun.

    20 Mai 4h22 Responder
  • iblamejon

    In a scale of those "latin languages", I can say that Portuguese is more similar with Spanish and Italian is more similar with French. But they look a like so much! That's why it's easy. Hahahaha, it's so funny that you know "muito bom". Very good. Hahaha. I can teach you a bit more, if you want to. And, trust me, Portuguese is harder than Spanish - but easier than French. ;) Oh, that's lovely! What did you see about Brasília? Wow. I didn't know that people learn about Brazil in Europe and such... There's nothing very interesting here to learn about, I guess. Maybe the Militar Government during the 60's until the 80's, but that's so sad - like Hitler's nazism. I travelled for three places in Brazil during my vacations: Florianópolis (South of Brazil, in a state called Santa Catarina), Campos do Jordão (the brazilian "Switzerland", here in São Paulo, but with beautiful mountains) and also to the beach of São Paulo (it's called Praia Grande, the English term is "long beach", haha). (+)

    20 Mai 4h20 Responder
  • iblamejon

    Oui, je parle un peu de Français! Hahaha. But I'm not very good yet, this is my first year in French classes. I started the classes in late January, so it's the beginning yet. I'm seeing passé composé and such things. Every kind of help in French is very welcomed! Haha. Oh, I hope you passe your exams... I bet you did! What do you study, Nicolas? What do you prefer? Summer or winter? And we had here a very long and hot summer... I suffered a lot, even more because I travelled to really hot places. :( Haha. But it was quite fine. And I'm from São Paulo, here in Brazil. Where are you from there in France?

    19 Mai 16h27 Responder
  • iblamejon

    Oh, lucky you! ;) Were you fine at your exams and such? I've studying as a crazy for my exams too, they're over now for a while but will come back in a couple of weeks, in the end of June and such. But I'm doing really fine, busy and sleepy. I study French too, so I'm quite full of things to do here. Brazil is nice these days, it's getting colder and colder... What about France? How is it going there?

    18 Mai 16h54 Responder
  • iblamejon

    Oh, thank you twice, then. Haha. I will follow you too and, of course, use your musical library as a reference for me from now on. How are you going? I hope you are feeling really great.

    12 Mai 14h45 Responder
  • iblamejon

    What a great profile and library you have, Nicolas! :-) Just added you.

    11 Mai 14h55 Responder
  • xcxuxnxtx

    your are definitely into female voices :D

    30 Abr 16h07 Responder
  • xcxuxnxtx

    i like your taste :)

    30 Abr 16h06 Responder
  • Billy_Puppet

    Pour ma défense, je ne scrobble plus trop depuis mon iPod, et sur mon ordi c'est ma playlist de quand je me douche :(

    3 Mar 23h14 Responder
  • MatthewJocelyn

    Merci beaucoup :r) Oui j'ai hâte de la voir enfin! Est-ce qu'elle sera en France aussi?

    9 Nov 2013 Responder
  • Hixi-Ponn

    Je ne peux qu'être d'accord, rien de palpitant sur le paysage musical japonais et beaucoup de médiocrité depuis quelques années c'est dommage mais on aura la chance d'avoir vécu ses années de gloire si je puis dire :/

    28 Set 2013 Responder
  • Hixi-Ponn

    voilà pourquoi ton pseudo me disait aussi quelque chose haha je constate au vu de ta bibliothèque que tu t'es aussi un pti peu éloigné de l'univers jpop

    26 Set 2013 Responder
  • Hixi-Ponn

    Mon ancien blog peut être :)

    26 Set 2013 Responder
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