• kpop biases

    Ago 6 2012, 11h35

    ▶ Ignoring solo artists, list your TOP 20 overall duos/groups/bands.
    ▶ List your original bias and then your current bias of each one.

    01. 2NE1
    Original bias: dara
    Current bias: bom/dara, i love all of them tho

    02. BIG BANG
    Original bias: gd
    Current bias: gd, followed closely by top

    03. miss A
    Original bias: jia/suzy
    Current bias: fei

    04. Kara
    Original Bias: nicole
    Current Bias: gyuri

    05. 소녀시대
    Original bias: yuri/yoona
    Current bias: hyoyeon/jessica

    06. After School
    Original bias: lizzy
    Current bias: e-young

    07. 4minute
    Original Bias: jihyun/gayoon
    Current Bias: jiyoon

    08. Super Junior
    Original bias: siwon
    Current bias: donghae

    09. SHINee
    Original Bias: jonghyun
    Current Bias: key

    10. SISTAR
    Original bias: soyou
    Current bias: dasom

    11. 티아라
    Original bias: hyomin
    Current bias: qri/soyeon

    12. Wonder Girls
    Original Bias: yeeun
    Current Bias: yeeun/yubin

    13. f(x)
    Original bias: victoria/sulli
    Current bias: krystal

    14. B2ST
    Original bias: junhyung
    Current bias: hyunseung/yoseob

    15. 인피니트
    Original Bias: myungsoo
    Current Bias: sungjong

    16. TEEN TOP
    Original Bias: l.joe
    Current Bias: cap

    17. 시크릿
    Original Bias: sunhwa
    Current Bias: jieun

    18. B.A.P
    Original Bias: zelo
    Current Bias: zelo/himchan

    19. Girl's Day
    Original Bias: hyeri
    Current Bias: sojin

    20. 나인뮤지스
    Original Bias: kyungri
    Current Bias: sera/sungah
  • rand. kpop survey

    Jul 6 2012, 3h42

    What/Who got you into kpop?
    first saw gd&top on youtube then later found out about 2ne1 during their 2nd mini promotions

    Favorite boy group?
    big bang

    Favorite girl group?

    Favorite idol group overall?
    2ne1, but both tho.

    Other groups you love?
    miss a, wonder girls, nine muses. b.e.g, snsd

    Rank your favorites from each of your stated groups above.
    big bang - gd, top
    2ne1 - bom, dara
    miss a - fei, suzy
    wonder girls - yeeun, yubin
    nine muses - sera, sungah, hyuna, kyungri
    b.e.g - ga in, narsha
    snsd - hyoyeon, jessica, sooyoung

    Favorite pairings from each of your stated groups?
    big bang - gdtop, also gdyb
    2ne1 - park sisters
    miss a - jiafei
    wonder girls - does sunmi/yeeun count
    nine muses - idk... kyungri/sungah, sera/hyemi
    b.e.g - ot4
    snsd - jeti

    Favorite idol group pairings?
    2nebang, wonderbang

    Favorite solo female singer?
    lee hyori, lee hi, sunmi

    Favorite solo male singer?

    Favorite songs right now?
    i love you - 2ne1

    Favorite fanclub?
    vip, blackjack

    Favorite entertainment company?

    Loved a group your not into anymore?

    First kpop song ever?
    wonder girls' nobody, but i didn't know it was kpop

    First kpop music video ever?
    the above

    First kpop love (group/solo)?

    First variety show (and with who)?
    can't remember, never watched a full variety anyway

    Group you could never get into no matter how much you tried.
    i love some of the members of snsd but i don't think i can call myself a sone

    Any dance you can do (from a MV etc) or want to learn?
    no way, i couldn't dance for my life, i won't even try

    Any songs you memorized the lyrics to?
    don't know korean, can hardly remember english lyrics

    Hottest male in the industry to you?
    top or jaejoong

    Hottest female in the industry to you?
    lee hyori, fei

    A person you want to be like/admire the most?
    gd, dara and bom

    A song you must/always/usually listen to EVERY day?
    don't have one

    Your favorite music video?
    wedding dress, you and i, crooked

    Which group can you see yourself being dedicated to for the rest of your time into kpop?
  • itunes survey

    Jul 6 2012, 1h42

    i have itunes on my pc but it has mostly kpop

    Total Tracks: 1180
    First Song (alphabetically by song title): A - 레인보우 (Rainbow)
    Last Song (alphabetically by song title): 8282 - 다비치 (Davichi)
    Shortest Song: Intro (Alive) - BIG BANG
    Longest Song: Set Me Free - Younha
    First Song (alphabetically by Artist): One 4 U - A-JAX
    Last Song (alphabetically by Artist): Like This Or That - 5dolls

    Top 15 Most Played Songs:
    1. Flashback - After School
    2. Step - Kara
    3. Like This - Wonder Girls
    4. Electric Shock - f(x)
    5. I Am the Best (내가 제일 잘나가) - 2NE1
    6. Good-bye Baby - miss A
    7. BLUE - BIG BANG
    8. I Love You - 2NE1
    9. Monster - BIG BANG
    10. Touch - miss A

    First 10 songs that come up on shuffle:
    1. Hot Issue - 4minute
    2. 요즘 너 - Brave Girls
    3. 일라 일라 - Juniel
    4. Run - Younha
    5. Tell Me - Wonder Girls
    6. 杜 U ♥ Me - 王力宏
    7. Volume Up - 4minute
    8. 오늘밤 (Tonight) - 갱키즈
    9. Love Me Back - 倖田來未
    10. 黏黏黏黏 - 王心凌

    How many songs come up when you search for:
    Sex: 10...all Suju's album though! lol.
    Love: 101
    You: 69
    Death: 0
    Hate: 2
    Wish: 3
    Girl: 94
    Boy: 38
  • survey 14/1/2

    Jul 6 2012, 1h16

    What are the four tracks recently added to your library?
    曲婉婷 – Sing for You
    A-Lin – Lin極限
    크레용팝 – 꾸리스마스
    손담비 – Red Candle

    What four artists is currently recommending to you?
    topp dogg
    little mix

    Have you listened/heard of any of them before?
    yeh, little mix

    Last loved track?
    方大同 – Lights Up

    Last five recently listened tracks?
    G-Dragon – 너무 좋아 (I Love It) (Feat. Zion.T & Boys Noize)
    陳芳語 – Good Girl趕快愛
    Beyoncé – ***Flawless (feat. Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche)
    Beyoncé – Pretty Hurts
    Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (feat. Jay Z)

    Last person you left a shout to?

    Last person who left you a shout?

    Most frequently used tag?

    How long have you been a member?
    since 16 sep 2010

    How many overall plays do you have?

    How many loved tracks?

    What are your top 10 overall artists?
    big bang
    miss a
    after school
    lady gaga
    katy perry
    jolin tsai

    Top 10 artists in the last seven days?
    kimberley chen
    jj lin
    taylor swift
    nine muses
    after school
    wanting qu
    crayon pop

    What are your top 10 most played songs overall?
    2ne1 - i love you
    2ne1 - falling in love
    jolin tsai - the great artist
    g-dragon - one of a kind
    miss a - independent women piii
    2ne1 - do you love me
    snsd - i got a boy
    2ne1 - i am the best
    kara - pandora
    after school - flashback

    What are your top 10 most played songs in the last seven days?
  • Top 30 Quiz!

    Jan 26 2012, 10h34

    Put your top 20 most played artists and answer the questions.

    1) 2NE1
    First Song: I Am the Best
    Song that made me fall in love: I Am the Best, Hate You, Ugly
    Current Favourite: Clap Your Hands, Pretty Boy

    2) BIG BANG
    First Song: Tonight
    Song that made me fall in love: Tonight, Love Song, Stupid Liar
    Current Favourite: What Is Right

    3) 소녀시대
    First Song: Gee
    Song that made me fall in love: Gee, Oh!, Genie
    Current Favourite: Say Yes

    4) Katy Perry
    First Song: Hot N Cold
    Song that made me fall in love: California Gurls (feat. Snoop Dogg)
    Current Favourite: The One That Got Away

    5) Rihanna
    First Song: Pon de Replay
    Song that made you fall in love: Only Girl (In The World)
    Current Favourite: You Da One

    6) miss A
    First Song: Good-bye Baby
    Song that made you fall in love: Good-bye Baby, Bad Girl Good Girl, Breathe
    Current Favourite: Help Me, One To Ten

    7) Super Junior
    First Song: Mr. Simple
    Song that made you fall in love: Mr. Simple, Sorry Sorry, Superman
    Current Favourite: A-Cha

    8) Lady Gaga
    First Song: Just Dance
    Song that made you fall in love: Poker Face, Paparazzi, Bad Romance
    Current Favourite: Hair

    9) After School
    First Song: Shampoo
    Song that made you fall in love: Bang!, Diva
    Current Favourite: Rambling Girls

    10) Kara
    First Song: Jumping, Lupin
    Song that made you fall in love: Step
    Current Favourite: Honey, Strawberry

    11) 티아라
    First Song: Roly-Poly
    Song that made you fall in love: Roly-Poly, Bo Peep Bo Peep, Cry Cry
    Current Favourite: Lovey-Dovey

    12) IU
    First Song: Good Day
    Song that made you fall in love: Nagging, Boo
    Current Favourite: You And I

    13) Wonder Girls
    First Song: Nobody
    Song that made you fall in love: Be My Baby
    Current Favourite: The DJ Is Mine

    14) SHINee
    First Song: Hello
    Song that made you fall in love: Hello, Lucifer, Ring Ding Dong
    Current Favourite: Up & Down, Ready or Not

    15) Nicki Minaj
    First Song: Your Love
    Song that made you fall in love: Check It Out!
    Current Favourite: -

    16) 4minute
    First Song: HUH
    Song that made you fall in love: I My Me Mine, Mirror Mirror
    Current Favourite: Ready Go

    17) f(x)
    First Song: Hot Summer
    Song that made you fall in love: Danger, Chu~♡
    Current Favourite: Nu Abo

    18) SISTAR
    First Song: So Cool
    Song that made you fall in love: So Cool, Ma Boy
    Current Favourite: Oh Baby, Push Push

    19) B2ST
    First Song: Fiction
    Song that made you fall in love: Bad Girl, Beautiful
    Current Favourite: I Knew

    20) Paramore
    First Song: Decode
    Song that made you fall in love: Brick By Boring Brick, Misery Business
    Current Favourite: The Only Exception

    21) MBLAQ
    First Song: Mona Lisa
    Song that made you fall in love: Stay, Cry
    Current Favourite: It's War

    22) Ke$ha
    First Song: Tik Tok
    Song that made you fall in love: Tik Tok
    Current Favourite: -

    23) B1A4
    First Song: Beautiful Target
    Song that made you fall in love: Beautiful Target, My Love
    Current Favourite: Chu Chu Chu

    24) 시크릿
    First Song: Madonna
    Song that made you fall in love: Magic, Starlight Moonlight
    Current Favourite: Love Is Move

    25) 2PM
    First Song: Hands Up
    Song that made you fall in love: Electricity, Heartbeat
    Current Favourite: I Can't

    26) 동방신기
    First Song: Why (Keep Your Head Down)
    Song that made you fall in love: Mirotic, Rising Sun
    Current Favourite: Somebody To Love

    27) Chris Brown
    First Song: Run It!
    Song that made you fall in love: Yeah X3, Deuces
    Current Favourite: Champion

    28) 인피니트
    First Song: Be Mine
    Song that made you fall in love: Paradise, BTD (Before The Dawn)
    Current Favourite: Can U Smile

    29) Brown Eyed Girls
    First Song: Abracadabra
    Song that made you fall in love: Cleansing Cream, Sixth Sense
    Current Favourite: Cleansing Cream

    30) U-KISS
    First Song: Neverland
    Song that made you fall in love: Neverland, Someday
    Current Favourite: Man Man Ha Ni
  • I plan on listing every k-pop group/artist I've listened to and the first song of…

    Jan 20 2012, 9h30

    Before I really started "religiously" listening to K-Pop:
    Wonder Girls - Nobody
    SHINee -Hello
    GD&TOP - Oh Yeah (ft. Park Bom)
    SHINee - Lucifer
    TVXQ - 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)
    IU - Good Day
    (about 6 months later)
    2NE1 - I Am the Best (내가 제일 잘나가)

    After I decided to give up on English Music!!!
    BIG BANG - Tonight
    박봄 - Don't Cry
    소녀시대 - Gee
    Super Junior - Mr. Simple
    G-Dragon - Heartbreaker
    f(x) - Hot Summer
    SISTAR - So Cool
    4minute - HUH
    티아라 - Roly-Poly
    miss A - Good-bye Baby
    현아 - Bubble Pop!
    G.NA - Top Girl
    2PM - Hands Up
    APRILKISS - Hello Bus
    Kara - Jumping
    JYJ - Empty
    U-KISS - Neverland
    시크릿 - Madonna
    Brown Eyed Girls - Abracadabra
    GG - 바람났어 (feat. 박봄)
    B2ST - Fiction
    MBLAQ - Mona Lisa
    Dal★Shabet - Supa Dupa Diva
    B1A4 - Beautiful Target
    김수현 - Dreaming
    Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
    After School - Shampoo
    인피니트 - Be Mine
    Orange Caramel - Bangkok City
    레인보우 - A
    Block B - Wanna B
    A Pink - It Girl
    C.N.BLUE - Intuition
    다비치 - Don't Say Goodbye
    손담비 - Queen
    가희 - Come Back You Bad Person
    RaNia - Dr. Feel Good
    TEEN TOP - Supa Luv
    남녀공학 - Too Late
    S.M. The Ballad - Miss You
    After School RED - In The Night Sky
    After School BLUE - Wonder Boy
    Gummy - I'm Sorry (feat. T.O.P)
    Tablo - Tomorrow (feat. 태양)
    Like This Or That - 5dolls
    Super Junior M - Super Girl
    SE7EN - Better Together
    태양 - Wedding Dress
    T.O.P - Turn It Up
    더블에이 - So Crazy
    BoA - Hurricane Venus
    Epik High - Run
    승리 - Strong Baby
    SS501 - Love Like This (네게로)
    Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker
    쇼콜라 - 신드롬 (Syndrome)
    이효리 - U Go Girl
    나르샤 - 삐리빠빠
    백지영 - 내 귀에 캔디 (feat. 택연 of 2PM)
    일렉트로보이즈 - Ma Boy 2 (Feat. 효린)
    나인뮤지스 - No Playboy
    F.T Island - Hello Hello
    동해 & 은혁 - 떴다 오빠 (Oppa, Oppa)
    Mighty Mouth - 톡톡 (Tok Tok) (feat. Soya)
    Jay Park - Abandoned (Feat. Dok2)
    다비치 & 티아라 - We Were In Love
    보이프렌드 - I'll Be There
    MYNAME - Message
    송지은 - 미친거니 (feat. 방용국)
    2AM - 죽어도 못 보내
    지아 - 속상해서
    방용국 & 젤로 - Never Give Up (Feat. Heritage)
    카오스 - 그녀가 온다
    김현중 - Break Down
    N.S 윤지 - 마녀가 된 이유
    레인보우 픽시 - 호이호이 (Hoi Hoi)
    스피카 - 독하게
    F.I.X - 말하지마 (Narr. 장지은)
    씨리얼 - No No No No No
    Sunny Hill - 베짱이 찬가
    Z:EA - Here I Am
    비 - Rainism
    Dynamic Duo - 거기서거기 (Without You)
    F.CUZ - 친구졸업
    레이디 제인 - 제이니 (Janie)
    Dalmatian - Lost In Love
    Jun.K - Alive
    X-5 - Dangerous
    N-Train - 울면서 울어 (One Last Cry)
    대성 - 솜사탕
    씨스타19 - Ma Boy (마보이)
    효린 - 널 사랑하겠어
    B.A.P - Warrior
    산다라 - Kiss (feat. CL)
    CL & 민지 - Please Don't Go
    방용국 - I Remember (With 양요섭 Of Beast)
    미료 - Revenger (feat. 루드페이퍼)
    용준형 - 너 없이 사는 것도
    휘성 - 눈물길
    K.Will - 내가 싫다
    에일리 - Heaven
    스피드 - Lovey-Dovey Plus
    EXID - Whoz That Girl
    Brave Girls - 요즘 너
    LEDApple - SADNESS
    NU'EST - Face
    BtoB - 비밀 (Insane)
    신화 - Venus
    버스커 버스커 - 벚꽃 엔딩
    서인국 - 밀고 당겨줘 (Tease Me)
    e.via - 미친 인연 (feat. 이수 of M.C The Max)
    아이비 - 찢긴 가슴
    태티서 - Twinkle
    터치 - 같이 걷자
    Hello Venus - Venus
    울랄라세션 - 아름다운 밤
    갱키즈 - Honey Honey
    쉬즈 - 내맘대로
    JJ Project - BOUNCE
    투빅&다비치 - 오늘같은 밤이면
    허영생 - Crying
    VIXX - Super Hero
    A-JAX - 너밖에 몰라서 (Never Let Go)
    Juniel - 바보 (Feat. 정용화)
    CROSS GENE - La-Di Da-Di (라-디 다-디)
    조권 - Animal (Feat. 정호석 Of 방탄소년단)
    Baby Soul - 그녀는바람둥이야 (feat. 유지아 & 장동우)
    치치 - Love Is Energy
    Younha - Run
    천둥 - 가지마 (Don't Go)
    Flashe - Drop It
    장우영 - Sexy Lady
    빅스타 - HOTBOY
    CRAYON POP - 빙빙
    디셈버 - Unfinished
    싸이 - 강남스타일
    글램 - Party (XXO)
    아이유, 피에스타 - 달빛바다
    주비스 - 이젠 사랑할래 (feat. 유라 Of 걸스데이)
    에이오에이 - Elvis
    타히티 - Tonight
    디유닛 - I'm Missin' You
  • winamp quiz

    Out 26 2011, 10h22

    songs on my laptop 14/1/2

    Total Tracks: 3312
    First Song (alphabetically by song title): #that power -
    Last Song (alphabetically by song title): 黑洞 - 周湯豪 (nick chou)
    Shortest Song:paul (skit) - eminem
    Longest Song:not a bad thing / pair of wings - justin timberlake
    First Song (alphabetically by Artist): i don't care - 2ne1
    Last Song (alphabetically by Artist): hero - 韩庚 (hangeng)

    Top 15 Most Played Songs:
    1. glue - nine muses
    2. do i wanna know - arctic monkeys
    3. missing you - 2ne1
    4. tennis court - lorde
    5. roar - katy perry
    6. team - lorde
    7. hold on, we're going home - drake
    8. why'd you only call me when your high - arctic monkeys
    9. the monster - eminem
    10. royals - lorde

    First 10 songs that come up on shuffle:
    1. the mess - the naked and famous
    2. just looking - nine muses
    3. young lady - kid cudi
    4. through the dark - 1d
    5. wandering poet - jolin tsai
    6. medicine ball - eminem
    7. the other side - bruno mars
    8. don't you (forget about me) - simple minds
    9. something i need - onerepublic
    10. ai ni - kimberley chen

    How many songs come up when you search for:
    Sex: 14
    Love: 278
    You: 339
    Death: 12
    Hate: 22
    Wish: 5
    Girl: 107
    Boy: 56
  • Pick 10 artists that you love before reading the questions.

    Out 26 2011, 8h50

    1. 2NE1
    2. Big Bang
    3. miss A
    4. Wonder Girls
    5. 소녀시대
    6. Girl's Day
    7. 이하이
    8. 이효리
    9. Brown Eyed Girls
    10. 나인뮤지스

    What was the first song you ever heard by 6?
    nothing lasts forever or don't let your eyes wander

    What is your favorite song of 8?
    miss korea

    What kind of impact has 1 left on your life?
    i love them, i would kill to see them tbh

    What are your favorite lyrics of 4?

    How many times have you seen 5 live ?

    What is your favorite song by 7? and rose

    Is there any song by 3 that makes you sad?
    err not really

    What is your favorite song by 9?
    cleansing cream

    When did you first get into 2?
    through gd&top

    How did you get into 3?
    i found out about them somehow, i was looking into other kpop artists i guess

    What is your favorite song by 4?
    so hot, 2 different tears

    How many times have you seen 9 live ?

    What is a good memory concerning 10?
    9muses of star empire documentary was good

    Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?
    not sure, most make me happy

    What is your favorite song of 1?
    it hurts, missing you, i don't care