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Mai 11 2008, 9h12

[taken from Zan84]

MP3 Survey: put your MP3 player on random and put the song that comes up as the answer.

How would you describe yourself? honey drop // Matenrou Opera
How would your friends describe you? Sekai ni Hitotsu Dake no Hana // Smap
Your family? oumaga toki // Kagrra,
Are you generous? Spook House // The Candy Spooky Theater
Do you have a short temper? Daybreak // Antic Café
Are you a procrastinator? Space Sonic // ELLEGARDEN
How do you feel about yourself? Sentimental PIGgy Romance // LM.C
How do you feel about others? Kekkon shiki no uta // MIYAVI
What do you think of puppies/kittens? Sadame no Ito // Kagrra,

How would you describe your best friend? Snow Scene // Antic Café
What do you like to do with your friends? Maid // -Moon- kana
Where is your favorite hangout? Trauma // ayumi hamasaki
A phrase or word that would describe your group of friends? Baby King // Antic Café
What do you say about your friends when they are not around? 0010 // AYABIE
Something you'd like to do with your friends, that you've never done? Pipo Papo Telepathy // Antic Café

So what will or is your true love like? SIGNAL // KAT-TUN
What does he/she think of you? Rin // Kagrra,
What do you guys like to do? Bambina // NEWS
What will everybody be saying at your wedding? Touhikairo // Antic Café
What will your honeymoon be like? Katherine in the trunk // the GazettE
Any kids in your future? meguru // Kagrra,
Describe the love you share: Aku-Ankka laulu (Donald Duck song) // Klamydia

Your job: Anti Pop // the GazettE
Your car: Hi no Hikari sae todokanai basho de // MIYAVI
Your house: WHITE BREATH // T.M.Revolution
Your family: Koi no Megalover // Maximum the Hormone
Your next vacation: make u wet // Koki Tanaka
The sky: honey drop // Matenrou Opera
Flowers: Papa Mama // MIYAVI
Riding the subway: alkaloid showcase // Matenrou Opera
Walking down a dark alley: The Red Carpet Day // Versailles
Waking up early in the morning: Ai no uta // AYABIE
Stubbing your toe on the door: Orange Dream // Antic Café

What quote will you be remembered for? Merry go round // The Candy Spooky Theater
What does the bumper sticker on your car say? Q. // alice nine.
What is the first thing you say in the morning? JEWEL // ayumi hamasaki
What is the last thing you say at night? Merimeikingu // Antic Café
What are the words that you are just waiting to say to the world? DOWN TO YOU // Abingdon Boys School
To your true love? Sakihokoru hana no you ni // MIYAVI
What will your gravestone say? Don't Don // Super Junior


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