Mar 30 2006, 0h20

Due to Kimeru's new song for the ending theme of the new anime "MUSASHI" being written by the former guitarist of Waive (Who, I should mention, is apparently friends with TAKUMA, formerly of Wyse, who used to be produced by Kenichi Nemoto, who is Kimeru's live bassist.) I've been assaulted with Waive songs D8

They're nice to listen to but no one song has yet to grab me. But I haven't listened to much yet. It took J's song to drag me into Wyse. Here to secretly hoping Waive doesn't have a song that will make it the what... 5th or 6th artist that I like that's ALL AKI'S FAULT. (Let's see... Triceratops, Dear Loving, Wyse, SIAM SHADE, I guess I'll give her partial credit for DBSG... good god.)


  • zigzo_pazoru

    I love wyse, but since I've loved 'em since early 2002, they have a couple years of adoration on Waive, whom I didn't find until fall semester 2004. Do you need some good Waive songs? Have you heard Garish Mind? *__* Or maybe LOST IN MUSIC? Hope I'm not spamming <3

    Abr 20 2006, 3h19
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