• Tyler Perry: Never Ceasing to Make Me Laugh

    Jan 10 2010, 16h41

    [event=1325744]Tue 5 Jan – Madea's Big Happy Family[/event]

    Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family definitely something worth seeing the laughter and the other emotion that the play made you feel.

    I encourage that if it is coming to your city to go see it!

    10 out of 10!
  • David Archuleta Rocked! Who is Lesley Roy?

    Mar 17 2009, 15h24

    Mon 16 Mar – David Archuleta w/ Lesley Roy

    David Archuleta performed at the Marquee Theater in Phoenix, yesterday. I have to say for those that didn't see the Idols Live 2008, you missed David, but surely could have made it up with this performance.

    With girls lined up for days to see this new talented sensation, David Archuleta didn't fail to perform. His vocals were spectacular and his personality still shines right through.

    He performed different songs from his recently self-titled album. Song like Crush and some others as well as bonus tracks from Wal-Mart & iTunes versions were performed. There was an unreleased track called "Zero Gravity," that David performed it was fun and I totally think it will be a great single. But I'm not his A&R.

    I look forward to hearing from David for decades. If you haven't listened to his new album, David Archuleta, you should.
  • I Met PWT! PATD Rocked!

    Out 9 2008, 16h16

    Wed 8 Oct – Panic at the Disco, Dashboard Confessional, Plain White T's, The Cab

    The show started right on time with The Cab. I honestly had heard of them the morning of and downloaded a couple of songs, liked it. The test was how can they do with the crowd and performing live. ONE WORD--GREAT! They were superb for a new band... no muffling of words and such. They had a great crowd presence. They played about 5 or 6 from their new album "Whisper War."

    Next were the Plain White T's!! I have seen them about 3 or 4 times and they never disappoint. I serious. They never do. With release of their new album, Big Bad World, the first couple of songs were the songs from the new album. The first couple were Natural Disaster and a few others from the new gig. They definitely performed Hey there Deliah and 1, 2, 3, 4. Afterward, they were signing autographs near the center of the Arena. During the closing song, it was a mad house because there was a mixture of crazed teenage girls, their parents, and the young adults running every where to be the first in line. Of course, knowing where we were going my friend, Manders, and I knew exactly where to go but we were not the first ones in line. After the mania of changing shirts (in line)... and other things like that. We finally met Tom and the crew!!

    They were awesome and great personalities... having mini-convos as the line passed by. It was great. They signed my CD that I bought while in line cos it was the right thing to do. Haha. Thanks Manders! Haha.

    After the excitement of PWT's... there was Dashboard Confessional. He was touching all the romantic and other built emotion that people seem to hide. Signing along to Screaming Infedilities and some other familar tunes. He was great. The band was awesome to support his great vocals.

    Lastly, there was Panic at the Disco! Yay! I had never seen them live just have their two CDs. They started off with the intro track off the newly released album, Pretty. Odd. The lead singer was pretty amped and the good looks are something worth noting. Haha. Anyway. The bass guitarist was great with introducing songs and ad libing between sets. They were fantastic and end the evening fabulously! It was so worth the night.

    Special thanks to the: Plain White T's (thanks a million for the autograph... I am going to frame it!), Dashboard Confessional, The Cab, and (of course) Panic at the Disco!
  • Journey with Cheap Trick

    Out 5 2008, 21h04

    Fri 3 Oct – Journey, Cheap Trick

    It was pretty amazing. I had never been to a show like it.

    Cheap Trick started the show with a couple of songs that we know that are on shows like "That 70's Show". It was pretty good cos one of the dudes had different guitars for each song.

    This was interesting watching Journey cos it wasn't the regular lead singer. It was some new *cute* asian guy.

    I totally will go to another show in my area. Fun with friends and such. I especially liked Lights and Don't Stop Believin'. They played a lot of songs from their new album, Revolution.
  • Ataris: Live

    Set 19 2008, 6h26

    Thu 18 Sep – Third Thursday w/ The Ataris

    This in fact was told to me that by the people that run these events, that this was going to be the last Thursday event. I am totally bummed about it.

    This last event of the season featured the Ataris. They were rocking out the singles and bringing on the jingle that once made them one of the favourite bands of the late 90's. Some how chart success and celeb popularity did not last with them. I still remember them.

    Tonight they rocked the house with awesome performances and with a lot of crowd participation. It was pure enjoyment! I can't to see if they might decide to do something later. I definitely hope so. I hope that they keep up on a tour schedule or something new.

    Ataris= 4.5/5.0 stars!
  • M5 & CC

    Set 17 2008, 1h25

    Wed 10 Sep – Counting Crows, Maroon 5, Augustana

    Augustina was all right. I had never heard of them before. It was very nice though.

    Maroon 5 got us going with a full set and it was amazing. Adam Levine was ever soooo hot. Haha.
  • Fantastic!

    Jun 26 2008, 1h27

    Sun 22 Jun – George Michael

    I went to go see George Michael in concert at the US Airways Center in Downtown Phoenix on June 22, 2008. The theme of the tour was "25Live."

    My only complaints were that it didn't start on time and that we weren't allowed to bring cameras in.

    George was a party rocker with the smash party songs and was a smooth performer when it came to the slow jams.

    The stage was set beautifully with a huge screen that ran down the center of it and two side screens for everyone to enjoy the show. Even those that were up high in the balcony seats.

    George performed various hits from over the years and was called for an encore by a very supportive crowd, twice in fact. He seem like he was slightly overwhelmed with happiness.

    Even at 45, he still gave me a show that was well worth it.