• Feeling Summer, 2010

    Mai 22 2010, 0h31

    My music-consumption project for this upcoming is to find the perfect music to anchor my experiences to. I want to be able to listen to some certain songs and get a rush of nostalgia for what I experience. I'm 19, and this is one of the last summers I'll get to have as a teenager.

    My preferences are leaning toward lots of , , -rock types of music like Black Lips, Thee Headcoats, Crystal Stilts, Best Coast, and Wavves. Lots of these bands' songs already give me a feeling of and longing for summer. Reminders of moments walking down long empty streets with friends, in the few quiet hours before the sun rises to greet us.

    This is an interesting moment in my life to be documenting my music preferences. I read somewhere that the music a person likes around 19-21 years old will be the music they prefer for the rest of their lives. I wonder if this will hold true for me, or if my preferences will continue evolving. I would like to believe that I will keep encountering new music and adding it to my chest of "Stuff I Love" in my head, but if not I think I'm at a great place to stay at. , surf-synthy garage rock with droning voices doesn't sound too horrible to listen to at an old-age, as I sit stroking my hardcore, full beard telling my grandkids how awesome my summer of was.