Coldcut in concert


Mar 31 2006, 8h21

Yeah, Coldcut on their Sound Mirrors Tour (Fabrik, Hamburg)! The concert was cool, made up for my horrible day. Though - as it happens almost always - Hamburg people were not that outgoing. But who cares when you're the only one around being able to sing along?
Support came from personalized video animations: imagine Boogieman with scenes from the German "Werner" movie or a break-dancing Heino-double in the background! Fun and dance - that's how it should be. Also wonderful, my favourite one on the album: Walk A Mile.
What I hate about concerts though: when they turn on the lights and start to dismantle the stage. You were just warming up, having a good time, feel like partying on for at least a couple more hours - and they TURN ON THE LIGHTS and OFF THE MUSIC!
This needs to be changed...


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