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  • itsphunkyenough

    see you at deer creek in 5 weeks?? going to both nights-hope all is well-

    julho 2010
  • cileero

    Haha, I haven't used this thing in like two years, but my lack of new music drove me back (seriously, it involves effort to find good things, so I stopped trying for awhile) or perhaps it was procrastinating studying for finals. Either way. I just now noticed your comment from December. Indeed, we are still "very high", but as my compatibility with all my friends on here is either "very high" or "super" I somewhat question their rating system...

    março 2010
  • itsphunkyenough

    yah they were pretty solid sets, there were a few songs I could have done without..but over all there was some great music!! hope you enjoyed it...and that the weather won't keep you away...

    junho 2009
  • porthoes

    Wow, it is like a black hole.../me makes sucking sound

    abril 2008
  • cileero

    I just want you to know that our musical compatibility had moved from very low to simply low. :)

    dezembro 2007