Claire Cameron Band at the 100 Club, 30th September 2011


Out 3 2011, 7h50

Fri 30 Sep – Claire Cameron Band Headline show at 100 Club, London

Claire Cameron Band at the 100 Club, 30th September 2011

The hallowed portals of this Oxford Street venue have witnessed performances by musicians as diverse as BB King, Lonnie Donnegan, John Lydon and The Horrors (as shown by the gallery of framed photographs inside). This night belonged to the Leeds-based Claire Cameron Band with sterling support by Genetic Revolution, The Hounds and Moonlighter. Headlining a central London gig - or anywhere else for that matter - can sometimes mean that partisan punters have all left for the tube home by the time you get to play. Not tonight, though. An expectant audience surrounded the stage as the band set up and soundchecked, while Claire disappeared shortly to make a visually striking entry on cue as the band settled into the introductory groove. The 45 minute set gave the players a great opportunity to present their finely-honed songs, each musician contributing to the excellent full electric band versions. Claire has said in interview that the band is now at a stage of maturity where they are writing songs collaboratively, which points up the fact that these are no mere support players for the singer/keyboardist. A tight unit playing the gig of their lives in the warmth of an Indian summer at this their third West End booking in a year is the stuff of media hype, but on this occasion it's true. Claire's connection with the audience is immediate and to her right, Pete Nash's always excellent guitar and backing vocals, with on her left Jim Gaylard (whip-smart drums and harmony vocals) and Mike James (pulsing bass and grin) are an ideal showcase for her powerful, soaring voice. Smartly trilby-hatted, the three men exchange grins and musical interplay, clearly enjoying the collective experience. Favourites 'Question every day', 'Time I start', 'Amethyst' and 'Spinning tops' brought rapturous applause from the crowd. A storming encore finished a hot, memorable evening which was being recorded and filmed, we hear. We look forward to reliving the experience with the performers in front of the famous, huge, three dimensional '100' backdrop (against which the White Stripes were once photographed).

-Borin Van Loon
Claire Cameron Band


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