CJ's Music of the Year 2011


Dez 16 2011, 20h04

There were not a lot of GREAT albums in 2011, especially not by comparison to some of the absolute killers in 2010 but there were still some serious gems to be found and quite a lot of “good” albums to boot. A fair few artists who’ve scored high on my last few years’ lists produced disappointing follow-ups this year, which was unfortunate and meant that the list doesn’t look like I was expecting it might at the start of the year! There were plenty of great records that I didn’t hear, I’m sure, but of the ones I did, here are my personal favourites. (I’ve included links where possible – most are on Spotify but for the ones that aren’t, I’ve had to improvise so you can get a (legal) taster):

Top 10 albums of 2011:

1) Yuck

2) Don't Need Much

3) Ritual

4) An Ache for the Distance

5) Ceremonials

6) Office of Future Plans

7) Sonic Mass

8) 936

9) The Leaving of London

10) The Black Crown

In addition to these, there were some very good “runner-up” albums released by Aiden, Bright Eyes, Help Stamp Out Loneliness, Fit For An Autopsy, Dum Dum Girls, [artist[Carnifex[/artist[, Blood Ceremony, Dead to Me and Design The Skyline (no, really, it’s a good album!).

Best EPs of 2011:

1) Ticks And Ants

2) Split N' Shit

3) He Gets Me High EP

Best Singles of 2011

1) Get Away

2) Record Shop

3) Party Rock Anthem

(Yeah, I went there.)

So… Share your own! What did I miss? What should I check out? What are you looking forward to in 2012? Talk to me about music, people!


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