• The Academy Is... at the Val Air (Des Moines)

    Set 8 2007, 20h41

    I've been meaning to use this journal as a bit of a concert blog (with music reviews on the side, if I felt like it), but I haven't caught up. I'll have to do that.

    In the mean time, on this past Thursday night, I was dragged an hour and a half away to Des Moines to see The Academy Is..., along with their three (THREE!!?!) openers, Sherwood, The Rocket Summer, and Armor for Sleep.

    Sherwood was AMAZING! I loved them and plan on getting their CD as soon as possible. They were really good, their songs were awesome, and their keyboardist stole my heart with his "dancing." He flailed like nobody's business. It was love.

    The Rocket Summer was good. I really liked them. Maybe not as much as Sherwyn, but they were still very good. There were definite songs that stuck out, but hell if I know what they were. I just remember thinking, "Hey, I like this one!" every so often. And the lead singer is ADORABLE with that blonde mop and aw. I got to touch him, which was nice.

    The last opener before TAI came on was Armor for Sleep. Now, they didn't suck, which is how I WANT to describe them. It's too simple to say that, and doesn't get my point across, because they were not bad at their instruments, they didn't sound out of tune or did their singer's voice sound like fighting cats. They just sounded like every other crappy generic band out there right now. Shitty. They weren't enjoyable, an their fans are douchebags, to put it simply and to the point. I don't like to make generalizations about fans of something, but there was not a person in that place that was there to see them that WASN'T a huge jerk about everything, especially while in the pit.

    Oh, and before I get to the awesomeness that was The Academy Is..., I must speak of the pit. The first thing that was very wrong with it was that I was probably one of the oldest people in it. By, like, 6 years at times. We saw a ridiculous parade of minivans and the like dropping off concert goers outside before the concert, so I knew this was going to suck from the start, but I'm a masochist. Or something. Anyway, most of the people didn't know what to do in a pit, they looked at me funny when someone fell down and I yelled for who ever could reach them to help them up, and got a glare from the guy that bashed the hell out of me with, "It's a concert, what do you expect?" with the tone of, "You're a loser" in his voice. Yeah, I go to concerts to hurt and get hurt. I enjoy harsh pits. But when there are huge (douchey) guys causing a lot of ruckus around a billion 15 year old girls, there's a problem. They looked miserable. It was ridiculous.

    And, to top it off, I got kicked in the head so hard during Armor for Sleep by a crowd surfer, that I blacked out for a few seconds. It was awesome. But did I leave the pit? No. Why? Because that's how pits work. Don't whine, just watch out for other people. It also helped to show that guy what I'm capable of taking. Douche.


    The Academy Is... was fantastic. They really surprised me. I wasn't expecting them to sound that good. I've been a growing fan of them since my friend Jenny (who was the one that got this concert adventure rolling in the first place) kept listening to their albums in the car. I only have Santi on my computer, so I'm the most familiar with those songs, but I've heard their earlier album (the name escapes me right now) enough to know the songs. My favorite song off of Santi is "Everything We Have." That song gets me so bad, and it was BEAUTIFUL live. William Beckett is gorgeous, and it looked like he was a tinge heavier, which made me happy. He's too thin most of the time, I worry. Throughout their set, they all gave a great show, and William seemed to give it his all. I like that in a singer.

    All in all, it was an amazing concert, and I'm glad I got dragged along.
  • Bright Eyes at IMU Main Lounge

    Nov 11 2005, 8h17

    Bright Eyes is awesome live. I want to get that out of the way right off the bat.

    There were two openers. One of them was Willy Mason, who was okay, but a little too country for me, and David Dondero or something like that, who I really enjoyed. He sounded A LOT like Connor.

    There were a lot of people there, which didn't really surprise me, but was kind of sad because I was hoping for a small show.

    The openers had the wrong amount of time. Either it was too long or not enough. I haven't decided. I wanted to see Bright Eyes more than anything, so I think it was too long. I was so bored. And in pain because I didn't take meds so I could get to the show and understand my surroundings.

    Bright Eyes was fantastic. Amazing. I am in love. But they played none of my favorite songs and pretty much played 12 songs tops. Or at least it seemed like it. Crazy.

    I had a guy pass out in front of me, almost got decked by some crazy dancing guys that thought they were at a crazy church service instead of a concert, saw police officers slink around the corners, people sharing a 'Dasani' like it was gold, and a few people I knew. It was a pretty okay night.

    Except for the fact that timing wasn't handled well and all I wanted to do was go home.

    But I got a t-shirt and a CD (Motion Sickness: Live Recordings) so it's an okay night.
  • The Dresden Dolls at Englert

    Out 15 2005, 6h35

    So, tonight I had the pleasure of seeing The Dresden Dolls tonight at the Englert Theatre. The are BEYOND fantastic. And I'm officially marrying them. Both of them. I mean it. They are so good at what they do. I love their stage show more than any other show I've seen, probably. They have such great chemistry on stage and bounce around and tell hilarious stories and do good covers and make a Friday night worth while to be out of bed. I can not get over how much fun I had. I went with my new friend Jessica and this was her first real concert. The opening acts, Faun Fables and DeVotchKa, were also amazing. I had such a great time and I reccomend everything by all the artists I've mentioned.

    I am too tired to elaborate more. *le yawn*

    Now, I can't wait for the Bright Eyes show in November.
  • Peter Cincotti at Hancher

    Out 10 2005, 8h22

    I saw Peter Cincotti perform at Hancher Auditoruim Saturday night and he blew me away. I fell in love that night. He's a bit like a young Harry Conick Jr., which is fantastic. He puts on a great show and seems very down to earth for all the things he's accomplished by the age of 22. He played a song, by request of the screaming girls on the balcony near me, that he has only played live a few times because he just wrote it. Well, a verse or so into the song, he stops and laughs, saying he's forgotten the rest. He has a little meeting with the band, he starts over, and it turns out great. And his sexual-innuendo-laced story about his first co-writing experience was worth the whole night. I ended buying both of his albums, Peter Cincotti and On The Moon (which does seem to be recognized by this site).

    This Friday is The Dresden Dolls at the Englert. Should be awesome.

    PS. Kind of in love with this site. Why didn't I join sooner?