• Telegraph/Gomez/O.A.R. at George Mason U. in Fairfax, VI 1/26/2007

    Jan 30 2007, 20h27

    For a special night at George Mason University, O.A.R. played in Fairfax County, VI a set after Telegraph & Gomez opened.

    Telegraph, a band from D.C., suprised me with their funky sounds and awesome hooks. They had a great setlist, one song I can't even find the name of, yet plastic was said a lot in the song. Their description here on is also lacking.

    Gomez, who plays "How We Operate" off of the Grey's Anatomy Vol. 2, performed this song last. Other than that, the lead singer seemed pretty stoic yet has a great gravelly voice. It reminds me slightly of the Foo Fighters lead singer, Dave Grohl. You should definately check out the songs where Ian Ball, the main singer of the group, is doing the vocals.

    Soon, O.A.R. took the stage and opened with a jammin' version of '52-50' and continued to play practically every track from "Stories of a Stranger" including, 'Lay Down', 'One Shot', and their new single 'Heard the World'. It was truly 'old school'/college rock O.A.R. when Marc Roberge busted out with 'Crazy Game of Poker', 'Anyway' and "34th & 8th"'s, 'About Mr. Brown'. Marc actually messed up the lyrics to 'Anyway' and sang the third verse first, then continued with the gnat and skipped over the mouse part (which is my favorite). He said he hadn't played it in a while. The lighting for 'The Stranger' was really awesome, Jimmy, the sax player came to the edge of the stage and the lights hit him for the first jamming guitar picks before the singing. Two really great special songs O.A.R. played were 'Black Rock' as they are from Rockville, MD (less than an hour away from G. Mason) and 'I Feel Home'. Honestly, I've heard O.A.R. was better back in my early college days, playing huge outdoor venues to wasted/high kids. That would certainly account for a more chill atmosphere but I appreaciated my first O.A.R. concert all the same. It would have been perfect had they played 'Hey Girl', 'Coalminer', 'Nasim Joon', and especially 'Night Shift' but 'I Feel Home' practically made up for all of that.
  • Citizen Cope & Dashboard Confessional. One weekend. Two venues.

    Nov 20 2006, 5h15

    Just this weekend I got done seeing two amazing shows:

    Friday, November 17,
    Alice Smith and Citizen Cope at
    the Electric Factory in Philly, PA:
    CC's protege, a super-talented singer Alice Smith, opened with 'Woodstock'. That song really blew me away, and they handed out a demo of her album,For Lovers, Dreamers and Me. She has a really powerful voice with slightly reggae beats. On-stage she's really chill and sounds amazing. I would definately check her out if you're into CC :)

    Citizen Cope soon came on, playing every track from The Clarence Greenwood Recordings. He played for 2 hours which was sweet. He performed 'Hurricane Waters' especially well. After a lot of cheering, Clarence came back out alone and joked, You guys wanna play a lil longer, huh?. He played 'Pablo Picasso' during the encore, which got the most response from the crowd. Later, Alice Smith came back on and they sang 'Brother Lee' together and Alice's backup singing made the song even better than when Clarence is singing solo. Citizen Cope was great performer, and he sounds even better live.

    Saturday, November 18,
    Brand New and Dashboard Confessional at
    Cole Field House in College Park, MD at the Univ of Maryland:
    Brand New opened and sounded much MUCH better than their cds. They didn't play the only song I know ('Soco Amaretto Lime') but performed tracks off of Your Favorite Weapon really well. The guys got really into their music and had a great energy. They were a little more hardcore rock than Dashboard.

    This was my first time seeing, Chris Carraba perform outside of my iTunes box and man...he was really hott. Aside from the gorgeous lead singer, they had a violinist with them who added a really soulful touch to the songs. They hit on their new single 'Stolen' hoping to push the album, Dusk and Summer. Other songs they played included: 'So Long, So Long', 'Places You Have Come to Fear the Most', 'Dusk and Summer', 'As Lovers Go', 'Screaming Infidelities' and 'Remember to Breathe'. Dashboard only played for around an hour and a half before their encore of 'Vindicated' from the Spiderman 2 soundtrack, the ever-popular 'Hands Down', and few others. I thoroughly enjoyed Dashboard's performance, Chris Carraba was a really interactive perfomer who lets the crowd sing a few lines of every song and sometimes entire chrouses. With their catchy lyrics, it was hard for anyone not to sing along. He also called out some rather rude people in the crowd. Apparantly, they were making fun of other people enjoying the show. That kind of thing is uncalled for. I personally wouldn't waste $30 to make fun of people, I'd just go to the mall for free. When the kids finally left, Chris gave them a little wave. He also gave big smiles to people enjoying themselves when the light hit the audience. He made his important shout out, as they are from the big FL, and Dashboard gave a great performance to a very full venue this past Saturday.
  • Pat McGee @ Sante Fe Bar in College Park, MD

    Out 1 2006, 22h48

    Pat McGee Band rocked the Sante Fe last night!! It seemed he was relatively unknown amongst the UMD college student crowd. My cousin that goes there said that the crowd at the bar that night was slightly older than usual.

    However, Pat McGee was amazingggg! They played my favorite song Beautiful Ways. They are awesome live and played their songs with as much soul as appears on their CD, Save Me. Sometimes, I think they are slightly Christian-rock sounding but I still think they're terrific. It was a great show and I hope to see them again with some more PMB fans like me :)
  • 6 Neighbors

    Jun 1 2006, 4h12

    For your top 6 neighbors
    write their top three
    overall artists and
    where those artists
    appear on your chart.

    Neighbor #1:

    + Jason Mraz - #6
    + Jack Johnson - #1
    + Andrew Bird - Not listed

    Neighbor #2:

    + Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Not listed
    + Red Hot Chili Peppers - #218
    + O.A.R. - #11

    Neighbor #3:

    + The Rolling Stones - Not listed
    + Kanye West- #20
    + The Shins - #52

    Neighbor #4:

    + Hoobastank - Not listed
    + Joshua Radin - Not listed
    + Hanson- Not listed

    Neighbor #5:

    + Oasis - #77
    + Jack Johnson - #1
    + Kelly Clarkson - Not listed

    Neighbor #6:

    + Tim McGraw - Not listed
    + Dave Matthews Band - #3
    + Dave Matthews - #82
  • 1,000 tracks played mark

    Jan 28 2006, 6h58

    So, I see these on just about everyone's journals... here goes:

    1. Matt Pond PA - I have had a recent infatuation with this gorup because I saw them in concert, the first few guitar plucks on "Halloween" and "Lily Two" are really addicting, plus their other songs bring me right back to seeing their show (which I really enjoyed).

    2. Death Cab for Cutie yea, yea, Ben Gibbard is sweet, Death Cab is the #5 artist overall in all of I really like their mellow sound and everything. I think most people on here understand or at least appreciate the Death Cab.

    3.Dave Matthews Band- This should really be my first. Dave and O.A.R. are really the only bands that I can just listen to like 2 hours worth of their music straight. I call it "Dave Days" or "O.A.R. marathons". People down the hall could probably attest to my little problem...

    4.Jason Mraz- With the release of "Mr. AZ" this past summer, I got 12 new tracks to enjoy again.

    5.Coldplay - I listen to "X&Y" (read: "Fix You") too much. I know this.

    6.Sugar Ray- My roommate doesn't care too much for "In Pursuit of Leisure" (my fave SR cd) yet I still enjoy playing "IPoL" and "Sugar Ray" whenever I'm in a peppy mood :)

    7. John Mayer- really awesome, I saw him in concert with Maroon 5 when I was a senior in h.s. and it really stuck a chord with me. "Heavier Things" just opens up these really upbeat and differnt sounding songs I enjoy.

    8.Billy Joel- Oh yeah, he's awesome, and he's from Jersey ;) Gotta love Joel. I grew up on his shit.

    9.Pat McGee Band- I read about them and d/l some of their stuff then was immediately mad at anyone who had heard them but did not influence me to them. I really enjoy "Beautiful Ways" it's my fave :)

    and finally...

    10. Maroon 5- My addiction. If this count on had started when I was a freshman at UD, M5 would have had a secure 50+ track hold over the #2 spot. My neighbor, Dan, from last year can pledge that I was unnaturally obsessed with Adam Levine. I'm better now, listening to them at a more healthy rate as you can see.

    It's been a quick 1,000! Peace out :D
  • Matt Pond PA Concert

    Jan 20 2006, 5h37

    I saw Matt Pond PA at my school tonight and they were just GREAT!!! They were a really chill band and really relaxing. The cello was so soulful and puts a special spin and that certain sound that makes them different. However, a lot of Pond's guitaring sound like Death Cab for Cutie. Yet I learned that I really wanna see a show by them at some point. My favorite song was Halloween yet this song is not very popular on I also think that Last Song, coincidentally their closing song, was very good as well. They are overall a fantastic band to check out. I was very suprised at how into them I was and very happy that I have found a new band to jam to :)
  • a to zeeeee!

    Jan 12 2006, 1h27

  • iTunes Stats

    Jan 10 2006, 18h02

    Last song played Beautiful Ways

    Sort by song title:
    -first song:(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
    -Last song:Your House

    Sort by length:
    -Shortest song:Skit #3 (0:24)
    -Longest Song:Crazy Game of Poker (12:55)

    Sort by album:
    -First Song:Tearin' Up My Heart
    -Last Song:Do You Want To

    First five songs that come up on shuffle:
    1.Brothers on a Hotel Bed
    2.If She Wants Me
    3.L.A. Woman
    4.One Of These Things First
    5.Talk Shows on Mute

    Top 10 Most Played Songs:
    1.Fix You
    (32 plays)
    2.Heard 'Em Say
    (20 plays)
    3.Beautiful Ways
    (18 plays)
    4.Bella Luna
    (16 plays)
    (16 plays)
    (14 plays)
    7.Touch the Sky
    (14 plays)
    8.Busted Stuff
    (13 plays)
    9.Gold Digger
    (13 plays)
    10.Skit #1
    (13 plays)

    "sex", how many songs come up? 4
    "love", how many songs come up? 90
    "death", how many songs come up? 53 (that Death Cab for Cutie really did me in, haha)
    "hate", how many songs come up? 5
    "wish", how many songs come up? 4