• Peelander-Z, Math the Band, Tushimamire, Hank Sinatra Jr Nov. 21st

    Nov 23 2010, 15h03

    Sun 21 Nov – Peelander-Z, Math the Band, Tsushimamire

    Usually I might hear about a show on and say "Maybe" I will go to it and usually never go to it. This was going to be no exception.

    Though I have heard that Peelander-Z and Math the band were very good live, I couldn't imagine how great they could actually be when you listen to just their music on

    For starters, Hank Sinatra Jr. - I am standing there wondering "WTF is this?" as this strange bearded man full of energy is singing about waiting for a girl at Friendly's which pictures of a heavy girl on a TV screen with pictures of Friendly's restaurant and ice cream. This guy maybe would hate it if someone compared him to Jack Black, but he could really work a crowd for a heavy man... Comedy karaoke with a TV illustrating everything? The TV really helped with the performance I think as Hank would be chugging a PBR in between guitar solos (from the TV). Really innovative in my opinion and well put together! BIlly Ocean would be proud of his cover of "Get out of my dreams, get into my car".... The cover of Mr. T's "Treat your Mother Right" was genius. And his original songs about eating vegetables and corn beef hash were quite entertaining also.

    Ok... keeping this short here...

    Math the Band next...In fact, I didn't remember listening to Math the Band except I heard them on "Atom and his Package" 's radio. Which didn't make sense to me. The live show for them was so full of energy, and the sound felt like it wanted melted my brain like "Lightning Bolt" at times, crazy spazz lyrics and vocals screamed over crazy bitpop/chip sounds. I could not resist buying the cd after and a shirt I was so impressed with how heavy and crazy the sound was. Afterwards I told them what I thought and they seemed confused when I compared them to "Lightning bolt" (it was a light reminiscence anyway of a band I really like).... I found out why when I bought the cd. It sounded more like "Atom and his Package" and nothing like "Lightning Bolt". I think it was the sound system of the Middle East Upstairs,... like the sound man gave them such an edge... such energy! If the CD was mixed maybe with more distortion, more bass, more gritty sound, then maybe... I still liked the cd,... just not as much when compared to the live show (this happens a lot with local bands though...)

    Tushumamarie - Never heard of them... 3 japanese girls playing catchy rock beats, not J-pop, J-Rock? They were pretty and knew how to work the crowd with stage diving and just looking sexy. The crowd was really into them. I would see them if I went to Japan.

    Peelander-Z - Even if you don't like the music, I recommend seeing this show. Kings of working a crowd into a frenzy. It's an experience. They handed out pots, and tambourines for people to bang on during some songs, and had lots of times where the audience needed to shout out some words. Lots of stage diving,... and Peelander Red, it looked so cool, the audience was holding him up standing for a guitar solo. Costumes, limbo lines, Peelander bowling, and for the last song they gave the instruments to various other people to play along, like Hank Sinatra Jr got Peelander Yellow's guitar, and Peelander Green gave the drums to someone else... while he started to bring his drums into the audience. He finished the night with the crowd around him as he played the last song with lots of people helping to hit the drums with the drum sticks they handed out earlier.

    Anyway... I was lucky to have gone and I recommend every one of these bands for a great live show even if you don't like their music, the live show more than makes up for it.
  • Wed 31 Mar – A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Pants Yell!, Bearstronaut

    Abr 1 2010, 15h37

    Wed 31 Mar – A Sunny Day in Glasgow, Pants Yell!, Bearstronaut

    Bearstronaut had a great sound to them. Catchy funky...groovy? keyboard sounds and beats... (I was hoping the lead singer would say "This one is for the ladies.") Great vocals and catchy tunes. I wanted to buy their album after but I was in a hurry so I didn't have time... but I will definitely want to see them again.

    Pants Yell! - I think the lead singer's mic was too low, but still I thought they were an ok pop/indie sound. Their best asset is when the drummer really seemed to let loose and go crazy... literally one of the best parts of the evening was hearing his beats.

    A Sunny Day in Glasgow - I don't know if the venue's sound system was the problem or what but the atmosphere was not there. They put on a lively show and seemed to be really enjoying playing... but I gotta say, maybe my expectations were too high as I listened to Ashes Grammar so much that I was expecting more of a progressive ambient ...immense...! atmosphere like the album. Great Scott's is great for hard hitting acts but maybe not for acts like this?
    Don't get me wrong... it was a good show, catchy rhythms and I don't regret going! I'm just being picky maybe? BTW - I would have loved to give the band a tour of Boston....