...in which Anathallo makes my face explode.


Abr 17 2009, 6h01

Thu 16 Apr – Anathallo, chemic
I feel little need to go into a super detailed review of this concert's setlist and have no need to critique the selections or order. Everything was perfect. It will certainly be one of the more memorable moments of my concertgoing life.
Very few artists have as much talent and timing and proficiency, as well as pure artistry and entertainment value in their live shows as I have witnessed in Anathallo. Trust me, if you ever get the chance to see them live, you will not be disappointed in the least.
As expected, a good many musics from their recent Canopy Glow release, and Floating World. The only partial letdown for me was that they didn't choose to play one of their obscure songs (Hymns would have been appropriate, we were in a church), especially when they were given the opportunity to encore and didn't. Otherwise, I loved everything about this bands performance. Their sense of humor and stage presence was natural and unpretentious. It is obvious they love making music, and that is why they are there, and I am perfectly happy to experience it.
The River
John J. Audubon

They were also good, and I will definitely look into their music a little more. Among their own songs they played a cover of Fell In Love At 22 by Starflyer 59, as well as a Death Cab for Cutie track. His voice is well suited for imitating Ben Gibbard, and the crescendoing harmonies from the 3 piece outfit were enjoyable as an opener/warm up.
Chemic also gets the credit for having a lead singer imitating Joaquin Phoenix's appearance on David Letterman:
Yup. He looked just like this. It was amazing.

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