ei otsikkoa


Out 12 2009, 13h00

Favourite track: Every You Every Me
Least favorite track: Sleeping with Ghosts
Happy song: Unisex
Sad song: The Bitter End
First song you heard: Pure Morning
Last song you listened to: One of a Kind
Best album: Meds
Worst album: Placebo
Best live song: Every You Every Me
Song that describes you: One of a Kind
Song for your funeral: Ion
Most overrated song: Song to Say Goodbye
Most underrated song: the whole Meds album

Sonata Arctica
Favourite track: The End of This Chapter, Don't Say a Word
Least favorite track: Land of the Free
Happy song: Victoria's Secret
Sad song: Paid in Full
First song you heard: FullMoon
Last song you listened to: Draw Me
Best album: Reckoning Night
Worst album: The Days Of The Grays
Best live song: San Sebastian (Revisited)
Song that describes you: Weballergy
Song for your funeral: Shamandalie
Most overrated song: Tallulah
Most underrated song: Champagne Bath

The Sounds
Favourite track: Tony the Beat, Dorchester Hotel
Least favorite track: Queen of Apology
Happy song: Seven Days A Week
Sad song: No One Sleeps When I'm Awake
First song you heard: Rock N Roll
Last song you listened to: Home Is Where Your Heart Is
Best album: Dying to Say This to You
Worst album: Crossing the Rubicon
Best live song: ?
Song that describes you: Teenage Battlefield
Song for your funeral: Dorchester Hotel
Most overrated song: Queen of Apology
Most underrated song: Dance With Me


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