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Sobre mim


[from the Polish word chiński (=Chinese) and the English word craze]:
somebody who is simply crazy about Chinese.

(© Copyright: My First Imaginary English Dictionary, 2nd Revised Edition, Brainless University Press: Blankton 2008)

‘About me’ in a nutshell:

First for some facts:

My flatmate once asked me in a rather hopeful tone of voice, ‘Tell me, is there any chance that you will ever grow weary of Björk?’ ‘Yes,’ I replied, ‘a slim one.’

How could I ever grow weary of somebody who sees the difference between pastime and passion. So precious few people do, nowadays. God strike me dumb if I ever don’t.

In the fiery furnace of my heart there burns a passion in tongues of bright-blue flame. There is nothing lukewarm about me apart from my own name.


Now for some fiction:

"I am good at walking away. Rejection teaches you how to reject. I left my hometown, left my parents, left my life. I made a home and a life elsewhere, more than once. I stayed on the run. Why then did the burden feel intolerable. What was it that I carried.

I realise now that the past does not dissolve like a mirage. I realise that the future, though invisible, has weight. We are in the gravitational pull of the past and the future. It takes huge energy – speed-of-light power – to brake that gravitational pull.

How many of us ever get free of our orbits? We tease ourselves with fancy notions of free will and self-help courses that direct our lives. We believe we can be our own miracle, and just a lottery win or Mr Right will make the world new.


The more I did the more I carried. Books, houses, lovers, lives, all piled up on my back, which has always been the strongest part of my body. I go to the gym. I can lift my own weight. I can lift my own weight. I can lift my own weight."

(Jeanette Winterson - Weight)

Then for some figures:

My super-eclectic score is currently


The most similar artists for my profile are Hooverphonic (12), Lamb (12), Massive Attack (11), Portishead (11), Tricky (10), Smoke City (9), Moloko (9), Flunk (8), Morcheeba (8), Björk (8)

Well, now you know. Or do you? After all, I’m telling you stories. Trust me.