• 10,000 Days - My Take

    Abr 21 2006, 10h00

    10,000 Days is the title slated for Tool’s fourth full-length studio album, announced for release on 2nd May, 2006. The album was leaked on the Intenet via torrents network and I am here to write my review after almost 20 full listens to it.

    In My Humble Opinion 10,000 days is my second favourite Tool album after Ænima. As per my view the first 5 songs of this album is the best first half that any Tool album has ever done. This is what I think of some of my favourite Tool songs in order of track listing:-

    * Vicarious - A very catchy and deserves-to-be-leaked-first song. The guitar riffs are amazing, specially before the ‘Lie-Lie-Lie-Lie-Lie’ part. One of the best lyrics I have ever heard after stinkfist. I give it a 4/5

    * Jambi - The best drumming in the entire album. I would agree with Andy King that it is Hendrix like here. A pretty addictive song and definitely deserves a 4.5/5.

    * The Pot - Definitely the most bizarre and the best song in the entire album. Maynard’s voice should no longer be called monotone as he has experimented a lot in this song. The song is fun to hear and has been rightfully called ‘Hooker With a Penis’ of ‘Ænima’. The song is damn addictive and I have been listening it all night. Unobjectionably this one deserves a 5/5.

    * 10,000 Days/Wings For Marie - A very different and the most personal/emotional song Maynard has ever written in my opinion. Amazing lyrics keeps you stuck to the song. 4.5/5 would be nice.

    * Rosetta Stoned - A great song, stands out due to its outlandish lyrics. This one takes away the ‘Crazy Song Of the Album’ tagline. Maynard must be high while writing this one.

    * Right In Two _ another great and mysterious song. The lyrics are very vague and thee song wants to remain hidden for reason. The only good song of the second half in my opinion.

    So where does this album lack? It fucking doesn’t lack anywhere and is an awesome album overall. But, I will have to agree that the second half when compared to other albums like Ænima or Lateralus isn’t at par. The lyrics are comparatively weak and nothing ‘progressive’. It sounds very Toolish and has nothing new compared to the first half.

    Overall, its by far Tool’s one of the greatest work and I’d recommend you to go ahead, buy it and support the band so that we keep getting the great piece of fucking music from the fucking great band. I spent a sleepless night yesterday listening to the album and have already got the album pre-ordered by a cousin in the UK.