America land of the free? Welcome to 1984...


Dez 8 2011, 18h43

What the f*ck democracy? NO!
Freedom? NO!
1984? YES!
What kind of sick bill did they made? They authorise a police state, the murder of citizens and probably they will also authorise 'labor camps' like Nazi Germany used to have.
They killed their so loved 'democracy', they killed their pride and their honour. They say they are more humane than the Middle East. Maybe they are even worse than Khadafi!
Their so called: The National Defense Authorization Act, is the murder of freedom of speech.

What it's meant to mean:
"The National Defense Authorization Act is being called the most traitorous act ever witnessed in the Senate, and the language of the bill is cleverly designed to make you think it doesn’t apply to Americans, but toward the end of the bill it essentially says it can apply to Americans ”if we want it to.”

This bill, passed late last night in a 93-7 vote, declares the entire USA to be a ”battleground” upon which U.S. military forces can operate with impunity, overriding Posse Comitatus and granting the military the unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate and even assassinate U.S. citizens with impunity.
Even WIRED magazine was outraged at this bill, reporting:
Senate Wants the Military to Lock You Up Without Trial

…the detention mandate to use indefinite military detention in terrorism cases isn’t limited to foreigners. It’s confusing, because two different sections of the bill seem to contradict each other, but in the judgment of the University of Texas’ Robert Chesney — a nonpartisan authority on military detention — “U.S. citizens are included in the grant of detention authority.” Source

The passage of this law is nothing less than an outright declaration of WAR against the American People by the military-connected power elite. If this is signed into law, it will shred the remaining tenants of the Bill of Rights and unleash upon America a total military dictatorship, complete with secret arrests, secret prisons, unlawful interrogations, indefinite detainment without ever being charged with a crime, the torture of Americans and even the ”legitimate assassination” of U.S. citizens on right here on American soil!
If you have not yet woken up to the reality of the police state we’ve been warning you about, I hope you realize we are fast running out of time. Once this becomes law, you have no rights whatsoever in America — no due process, no First Amendment speech rights, no right to remain silent, nothing."

Strange that this kind of laws are made during Occupy Wallstreet. Now these so called 'Hippies' and 'Outcast of society' are in danger because of their 'freedom' of speech. The soldiers see them as filth, so they don't bother to shoot some or injure them. (like that wounded guy who got a teargas grenade as first aid kit or the students who got peppersprayed) Instead of appearing in the courtroom now they can point to this law and get away with it!
I wish the people of occupy a lot of luck and don't get your asses kicked by those military dogs!

Welcome to America,
Welcome to 1984...


  • Bert8ehv

    They use force, to make you do, what the deciders have decided you must do! Lekker stukje tekst Chieltje. :D Hoe kwam je er eigenlijk op?

    Dez 8 2011, 19h56
  • chielk

    Nice comment Bert! ;)

    Dez 8 2011, 20h45
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