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Think about how much we need heroes these days, the ones who put integrity above comfort, knowing that they risk their life.

the Kennedy's. Martin. Chicago 8. Lennon. Anwar Sadat. Joe Hill. Woody Guthrie ('this machine kills fascists'). Russell Means. Mother Jones. Mikhail Gorbachev. Julia Butterfly Hill. Lech Walesa. Michael Collins. Che.

Maybe you've heard bad things about them but have you really checked to see their side of the story ? Even if they were wrong, why did enough people believe in their ideas that you ever heard of them ? Or, why did so many people believe in their ideas but you never heard of them ? How much are you willing to never know about because it's too much work to dig it up ?

You can't always change how much you are controlled, but you can always change how much you know it is happening.

It's fashionable not to have heroes - but if you can look at that list of heroes and not see someone braver than you'll ever be, you don't know the meaning of the word, and your life is the poorer for it.

And of course the biggest heroes of all are the ones who go out every day and give a little more of their lives to the machine for the ones they love - and the ones who some day will finally be fed up and put an end to those who feed that machine with the blood, sweat, and tears of the honest and meek. Are you, can you be, one of those ?


  • chicknfried

    Today's hero- Charlie Chaplin Some say he made more people happy in his life than any other human ever has. In return, he was the target of political persecution in both Britain and the US, and was finally unofficially exiled from the US by the head of the FBI. Those who keep their power by the use of fear and anger don't like people that make you lose those feelings. Living in misery, and eventually dying needlessly, so that a few in the world can have one more palace or boat to add to their collection - maybe someday they will get enough and get bored with the whole thing.. we can only hope that they accidentally have kids that decide an honest life is more comfortable for the heart, if not the body. In the meantime, the rest of us are all little tramps in their world, but as the song that Charlie wrote reminds us, we tramps have a secret weapon that those who live on our backs can never feel in their hearts as we can.. as we must, to survive. The pigs must hide behind the walls to protect what they have paid for with the life and blood of others.. but anytime we want to, we can just give that overbearing cop or boss a good poke in the jaw or kick in the pants and go walking on down that road, thinking about a new life ahead of us, and letting the opening doors put a little skip in our heart, and our walk. Smile Tho' your heart is aching, Smile Even though it's breaking, When there are clouds in the sky- You'll get by, If you Smile through your fear and sorrow, Smile and maybe tomorrow You'll see the sun come shining through - For you. Light up your face with gladness, Hide ev'ry trace of sadness, Altho' a tear may be ever so near, That's the time you must keep on trying, Smile - What's the use of crying, You'll find that life is still worthwhile, If you just smile.

    Set 15 2009, 17h34
  • chicknfried


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  • chicknfried

    Today's hero - Woman You don't get paid as much as you should, and you see other people get the jobs that you were better qualified for. You can't trust what others tell you, but you can be pretty sure they really want more from you than they pretend to. Every time you meet someone new, you must decide if you will open your heart and be too vulnerable to them, or protect yourself by being hard and cold and cynical and angry, saying and doing things that you later have to defend to yourself, until you grow so tired of it that you just say that's the way it has to be. Every day you must choose how much of yourself you will give, in exchange for some security - the price is always too high and what it buys is never enough.. so soon the question becomes not if you should sacrifice the most personal parts of yourself, but instead becomes a question of why not sacrifice a little more to get a little more, why stop now. You try to have a family and support those who depend on you, all the time wondering how much you can trust your mate and will this family that is the center of your life ever have a clue about all your sacrifices. You despise yourself, or you justify yourself, you hate the life that gives you no better choices, you envy those who seem to be so comfortable with the way it all works.. GUESS WHAT, GIRL, IT'S ALL THE SAME FOR THE GUYS TOO. Maybe you feel it more deeply, maybe the good parts arent as good for you as they are for the guys, but really, it's all just a matter of degree. Some guys have it worse than you, some women have it better than most guys. So how is Woman a hero, more than everyone else that lives that life of quiet desperation ? The answer is that while all the other things are true, there's another part of a woman's life: Every day and, even worse, every night, you leave your home, you leave your work, and you go out into a wild world that looks like houses and buildings, sidewalks and buses, but it's really just a different kind of jungle. Every day, every night, it's back to Africa, as you do what you can to provide for yourself, and maybe your future, and maybe some others that you care about.. and as you walk the trails that feel safest, you see and hear the animals around you. They are much bigger than you, they are loud, crude, and aggressive, sometimes playful, sometimes violent, always a possible threat in every doorway and around every corner. Countless numbers of them, each as unpredictable as the next. Sometimes you feel their eyes stalking you, sometimes you see them pause to see what you are about, mostly you hope they will just not notice you. Every day you see and hear the horrible things these animals do to others not so different from you. And every day you go out into that jungle again, carrying deep, deep in your heart a little bubble of peace and beauty and grace and civilization and nice. You and your sisters carry the bubbles that make you different from those animals.. and you spend your life trying to learn how to protect that bubble, against the time when you will spend your days and nights with one of those animals, trying to grow a new family, and a new, better world.. That is the enduring bravery and dedication to life that makes Woman a hero, the source and the hope of the human race.

    Set 24 2009, 4h07
  • odinsacolyte

    Howdy sir. If you want to know about heros,check out the Alamo story again and Jim Bowie when he on his back and William Travis drew the line in the sand. I recently posted a link on my page for San Jacinto Day. I would like to point out that adventures really suck when you are having them and are only really good when a sufficient amount of healing and years have gone by. My life is not my own but is a gift from the gods and I shall gladly return it when and how they diesire. Life is so much nicer Across the Shining River. All human beings have the ability to be great. The greatest sin is to sit idly by and witness a great evil. Choose a side and take a stand for a new conflict is approaching. We all shall have our change to be heroic. I admire a noble enemy. I detest a backstabber. A coward will kill the innocent intentionally. You know to whom I allude. I see a divide in this nation and I will not be a communist. Is it heroic to give your life for a lost cause? Some think it is a requirement to live by one's honor and priciples no matter how unpopular or how great the odds. I was raised that way.

    Mai 6 2010, 20h31
  • bohemian_chic

    Inspiring and amazing! ღ

    Jun 14 2014, 18h32
  • chicknfried

    @odinsacolyte - I agree with most of what you say, and theres a little that i'm not clear what you mean.. but I do have to argue the part about adventures. Yes, a lot of adventure is tough going - even when you know youre making progress and even when you know the struggle is making you stronger and maybe even wiser, you could still wish it wasnt quite so hard :) But! Isnt romance the greatest adventure of all? I'll certainly never complain about the hardships on that path and thats an adventure you dont have to wait years before it's good :)

    Jun 14 2014, 19h56
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