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Jun 14 2006, 3h05

Well, I noticed that Spin magazine has this section in the front of twentey songs to download this month. And of course I'm stupid, and of course I did it. And here's what I though of each one.

1. Live With Me
I imagine I would be in love with this ong if I smoked pot. It's really neat though. I can imagine this running past in a driving scene in some movie. Going down the street, throwing ciggarrettes out the wind. Lots of turns. I love the voice of the lead singer. It's very deep. And he sounds sincere, which is a good thing. I don't think I'd want to listen to a lot of stuff like this, but this song is nice.

2. Hands Open Aah yes, my favorite alterna-pop-rock buddies. This is a cute song, and the cuteness might take away from how well done it is. It's a little bit repetitive, but it's fun, and I like it. It's good to sing along to, and just overall it's super neat.

3.You Fucking Love It I can't hear it, because the recording on the version I have is crappy. But from what I can tell it's just standard garage rock.

4.Rock And Roll Ain't Evil Once again, standard garage rock. The kind that's been pumped out and overhyped for years. The song is pretty catchy though, it'd make a good I-pod commercial. Starts to get on my nerves after a little bit. Really annoying actually.

5. Every Word Means No It's kind of good, I like the lyrics, and the emotion, but somehow it's just not all there to where I really like it that much. It kind of falls apart in the chorus. And it needs more guitar.

6. Miss Murder It's really hooky, but it lacks substance. One of those that you listen to on the radio then throw away. It's fun and all. But nothing that special about it.

7. Trains to Brazil I actually really like this. It's fun, and all the aspects work well together. It's been done before, but it's a good song.

8. NotoriousFirst, let me just say... AAAh! What the hell? The song is pretty danceable though, actually, I like it a lot. But reggaeish stuff gets old fast.

9. The Avalanche I've heard a lot about Sufjan Stevens, but I've never actually heard anything by him. But I must say, I'm very very impressed. The song itself is the kind of pretty folk-pop that I love. It's very very well put together. I now feel that I need to own the album this is from. Because this is a really really REALLY good song.

10. Bunk Trunk Skunk This song is super duper catchy fun. I love it honestly. It just makes me want to stand up and dance. This is another one that could be an I-Pod commercial, except for the cussing. Of course.

11. Blue Monday My first reaction is of course Hey I know this song! But, it is a cover. So.. yeah. I like it ok, though I've never been a fan of instrumentals.

12.Mr. Me Too The beat is groovy. Like, super groovy. Like.. I can feel myself turning to butter groovy. I am in monkey love with Pharrell too, so, him in my head, rapping, it's a good image. I must say though that Clipse's voice takes away from my buttery feeling. Actually, aside from Sufjan, this is my favorite so far. I can't help it, I love rap.

13.Not Ready To Make Nice I'm not a huge Dixie Chicks fan, but this song is really good. There is so much emotion going on. And it's still really catchy and sing-a-long. Which is good

14. Pink Sticky Lies I love the lead singer's voice. The song is kind of awkward, and it makes me think of Franz Ferdinand. But it's nice, I like it ok.

15. White GurlI have just recently fallen in love with E-40, and this song just cements my love even more. He doesn't skip a beat, and the beat makes me think of Hollaback girl, which is a good thing. This is totally just like, dance dance dance.

16. I'm Still Not DeadI really don't like songs like this, but his voice is pretty cool. This is a very tossable song though. Just nouveau pop-punk improved a little.

17. JustVery danceable, very mellow. I like this a lot, but, I don't have much to say. The song is pretty nothing, but it's cool enough to get away with it.

18. Wicked GameI love the song by Chris Isaac, and this version does it justice. I wish she used her voice to it's full extent however. And the chorus is kind of... eh.

19. I Love YouI couldn't find it, so.. yeah, no opinion is held.

20. Just A ThoughtThis song is so weird. I love it. Really I do.


  • starshipwaters

    The Avalanche by Sufjan Stevens is a great track. Hell, if you dig that song, you should definitely dig his other stuff cuz that song (and a ton of others) got cut from his Illinois album. Happy listening friend.

    Jun 30 2006, 7h50
  • Grobbel

    Just in case you hadn't noticed before, but the Mark Ronson track is a Radiohead cover. And agree with you on the Guillemots and Sufjan tracks.

    Jul 29 2006, 11h38
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