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Jun 14 2009, 22h04

So my taste in music has evolved a ton since i joined and because of that i am using the top artists from the past year cuz that much more accurate.... and i'm bored and this seemed fun

Post your top fifteen bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

1. The Devil Wears Prada
First Song Heard: HTMLl Rulez D00d
Fell in Love With: Goats on a Boat
Current Favorite: Assistant to the Regional Manager

2. As I Lay Dying
First Song Heard: Nothing Left
Fell in Love With: 94 Hours
Current Favorite: Forsaken

3. Brand New
First Song Heard: Mixed Tape
Fell in Love With: Quiet things no one knows
Current Favorite: Luca

4. Underoath
First Song Heard: I've Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar That Says You Ain't Gonna Do Jack
Fell In Love With: In Regards To Myself
Current Favorite: Breathing In A New Mentality

5. Norma Jean
First Song Heard: Blueprints For Future Homes
Fell In Love With: Memphis Will Be Laid To Waste
Current Favorite: A Small Spark Vs. A Great Forest

6. The Postal Service
First Song Heard: Such Great Heights
Fell In Love With: Such Great Heights
Current Favorite: The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

7. Blessthefall
First Song Heard: Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
Fell In Love With: Guys Like You Make Us Look Bad
Current Favorite: Wait for Tomorrow

8. of Montreal
First Song Heard: Bunny Ain't No Kind Of Rider
Fell In Love With: Suffer For Fashion
Current Favorite: The Past Is A Grotesque Animal

9. Funeral for a Friend
First Song Heard: Streetcar
Fell In Love With: Hospitality
Current Favorite: 10.45 Amsterdam Conversations

10. A Skylit Drive
First Song Heard: Wires And The Concept Of Breathing
Fell In Love With: I'm Not A Thief, I'm A Treasure Hunter
Current Favorite: Ability to Create a War

11. All That Remains
First Song Heard: Six
Fell In Love With: Six
Current Favorite: This Darkened Heart

12. Working For A Nuclear Free City
First Song Heard: Kingdom
Fell In Love With: Kingdom
Current Favorite: Over

13. Attack Attack!
First Song Heard: Stick Stickly
Fell In Love With: Stick Stickly
Current Favorite: Kickin' Wing, Animal Doctor

14. My Hero Is Me
First Song Heard: Rated R For Rambunctious
Fell In Love With: I Studied Metal At Juilliard
Current Favorite: The Plot to Kill Bob Barker

15. Alesana
First Song Heard: Ambrosia
Fell In Love With: Apology
Current Favorite: Red and Dying Evening


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