Jan 6 2007, 23h55

hmm... about a week ago I thought, "hmm, 2006 was an amazing year for music!... 2007 is really not going to be able to top it!"... but I just thought again about all the artists releasing new albums this year, and it's almost possible 2007 will be even more amazing!

there's a few returns to the music scene this year!... including the likes of Britney Spears!... Avril Lavigne!... Alicia Keys!... and also, not confirmed for a 2007 release, but the possible return one of my personal faves, Amy Studt!

as well as them, there's new stuff from Kelly Clarkson, Joss Stone, Maroon 5 and omg, The Pussycat Dolls coming!

Darren Hayes is apparently releasing this year too!... t.A.T.u. are recording a new album, which will be amazing... Lindsay Lohan is also meant to be trying again with a new album... and Melanie C, despite flopping with her amazingly amazing last album, is coming back for more!

dunno if anyone remembers Samantha Mumba, but I loved her first album, and her unreleased second one was alright, but she is also coming back this year!... and Sophie Ellis-Bextor too!

McFly will be doing another album this year too... Jem, Mariah Carey, Alanis Morissette and Hilary Duff are all meant to be releasing this year too!

my fave member of Destiny's Child, Kelly Rowland is coming back this year too!... and, omg, hold onto your seats people... but... Lisa Scott-Lee, Michelle McManus AND Gareth Gates are making come backs!... I apologise if anyone made a mess with excitement there......

I've probably missed loads too!... so, I don't think 2007 is gonna be all that bad in the end!... actually, I think it's gonn a be quite ace!!



  • dannyboy77

    Great Post! Darren Hayes's New Double ALbum should be fab!! & he will tour no doubt(I am going!!!!). Also as he has left sony i better a 'platinum collection' by Darren will hit the 'low budget' selves before Xmas 07. Also very excited over Sophie Ellis Bextor's new album (Loving 'catch you' & 'Colour me in'!!). I wonder how the new 'single chart rules' will affect artists. I really Hope T.A.T.u & Alanis release new material too! :D

    Jan 7 2007, 22h25
  • BritneyFanFeva

    Britney<-Hilary<-Lindsay Lohan/Avril Lavigne In that order!

    Jan 8 2007, 3h02
  • danny71113

    lisa scott lee :O.. is that something to get excited about lol but you left out Oasis, Kaiser Chiefs, Bloc Party, Radiohead, Hard-Fi, Arctic Monkeys... to name a few there all guaranteed number one albums there i think that 2007 will be even better :P

    Jan 16 2007, 13h55
  • proios

    rumor has it that madonna's new album is also possible this year ;)

    Jan 17 2007, 10h54
  • Sarz555

    and Mandy Moore too! :)

    Jan 26 2007, 3h33
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