The music of Crazy Frog possesses little artistic merit


Out 9 2007, 4h53

To be blunt, his music is entirely banal and derivative. His melodies are trite and cliched, his use of counterpoint trivial, and his development of themes is weak at best from a technical perspective. Usually one must make only tentative statements about the enduring quality of a contemporary artist, but in this case I believe it possible to make an exception: Crazy Frog's music will not last. He is no more than second rate and will be consigned to history's dustbin as a mediocrity.

Already I can hear the wails of Crazy Frog apologists, rushing to his defense. “Oh, that's only your opinion,” one of them might say, as if it were impossible to make any sort of critical evaluation of art, though that does seem to be the current fashion. I do not shy away from objective judgment. If you enjoy Crazy Frog's music personally, I can only hope that you are able to perceive it as the guilty pleasure that it is; otherwise I can only call into question your aesthetic intelligence and taste. If this is an elitist perspective, then so be it.


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