Pallas - XXV Album Launch Show at The Peel


Fev 10 2011, 14h33

Sat 5 Feb – XXV Album Launch Show!
Now Pallas, rather like Gamma Ray are a band who I seem to encounter in concert a number of times, and yet I do not own a single CD of either band.

Finding myself at a loose end on a Saturday night and rather depressed after Man Utd's defaeat to Wolves earlier in the evening, I set off to deepest Norbiton in the expectation of a decent evening's music. The venue was pretty full and the band had played the first number when I eventually got there and as it turned out the band were in the process of playing the first half of the new CD. Given that this was a 'release party' I think that I'd be safe to assume that most of the audience were (like me) unfamiliar with the new music, which somewhat put a damper on the audience reaction.

The new songs made heavy use of orchestral samples and there was occasional use of a female voice which was on tape too. The applause at the end of each song was polite, but there was a distinct lack of energy among the mainly 40+ audience. Graeme Murray even commented that even the crowd in Aberdeen, the previous evening, were more animated - and I could beleive it.

The audience did liven up a little when some older, more familiar material was featured, but there was still nothing of the emotion or power that was present during the Cross And The Crucible shows that I saw.

After around an hour of this - well played and well crafted, but uninteresting set I wrote off the evening as a bad mistake and set off for home.

Here's what was played.

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