• The Evolution of Fear

    Mar 2 2011, 19h03

    this is a big, hefty throw-together of all the Fear Factory albums reviewed. i chose the evolution of fear, because thats what they call the transcending from their first, Soul of a New Machine, to their last, Transgression(do NOT bother me with mechanize)

    Soul of a New Machine - 1992
    with the release of FF new album Mechanize, a look back to their still standing achievement is overdue. Soul of a New Machine was Fear's first studio album, released in 1992. a re-released version of it is out with remastered songs(honestly, i've listened to both types, and they sound exactly the same) and it also comes with their EP Fear is the Mind Killer which is just remixes and demos of stuff like Scapegoat. i personally have the original 1992 release that is rare as fuck these days(go to ebay, buy for $0.99 lol) and mine had to be special ordered from ENGLAND. anyway, the album itself is a huge masterpiece. everysong up until the last 3 are great. and the only reason the last 3 arent great, is because they're too short. this album paved Fear Factory's way into the hearts of metal fans everywhere with its death metal and melodic scores. this album was, quite literally, before its time. if you ever hear someone say a certain band(like Atreyu.....little fags) pioneered the Melodic Death Metal genre, tell them to go fuck themselves because these guys were THE FIRST to do it, on this album. every song flows flawlessly and even adds aspects of life. Crash Test has to do with the mistreatment and testing of animals, Scapegoat deals with Guitarist Dino Cazares trial in Canada for something he did not commit, and Big God/Raped Souls deals with the government. some of the songs even feature tidbits from Full Metal Jacket. lines like, "hey soldier, do you know who's in charge here? Mother Fucker" in the song Crisis, and "i want more life........fucker" in the song Flesh Hold. Scapegoat even has a line from Dino's court appearance. Burton C. Bell does an outstanding job in his vocals. and Raymond Herrera meets each drum beat perfectly. unfortunately, at this time Christian Olde Wolbers wasnt in this album on Bass, even i forget his name, but i think it was Alex.:confused: anyway, this album is a great accomplishment. 5/5

    Demanufacture - 1995
    the follow-up to FF's critically acclaimed "Soul of a New Machine". this album is, supposedly, where the fans' loyalty lies. a very well-rounded album, and my second favorite album that they've done. people say that "Replica" is their most famous song. its okay but come on, MOST famous?? no. anyway, i love listening to this extrememly pounding album. it grasped me from start to finish like a crackhead shaking a baby. the intro to Piss Christ was featured on Terminater 2, while the song "Zero Signal" was on Mortal Kombat. Demanufacture shook the ground every time Burton would shout, "ive got no more, goddamn regrets. ive got no more, goddamn respect" this was the album where they started a more melodic approach to music with their first soft song, "A Therapy for Pain". this definately was as groundbreaking as "Soul" 5/5
    on a side note, this album was remade on a "remix" edition, dubbed "Remanufacture". i didnt even bother putting on the list. its not a fear album, and their arent any good songs on it.

    Obsolete - 1998
    a more industrial twist was added on this album. the very controversial "Edgecrusher" was featured on here. the reason i say controversial is because of the turntable sound effects, this turned off many loyal fans because they saw where Fear was headed while signed to Roadrunner. a multitude of good songs were on this album: Shock, Smasher/Devourer, Descent, Resurrection. Descent, Timelessness, and Resurrection were by far, Fear's softest songs. and they were their fucking best as well. this isnt my favorite album, but it falls right under Demanufacture. 4/5

    Digimortal - 2001
    the fans of FF were right with their Nu Metal direction. this right here was the beginning of the fall of Fear. i've only listened to a few songs, most notably: Digimortal and What will Become?. it was very depressing to know this possibly was where FF hit the wall. i could only hope they bounce back. it's said best, that when mentioning this album, it sends FF fans running for the hills. 1/5

    Hatefiles - 2003
    this was a demo and remake album. not anything really amazing on it. so, there isnt much to say. Termonate, Machine Debaser, and Invisible Wounds(Suture Mix) were the only songs i really liked. there were a few remakes from their album "Concreto" but nothing worth mentioning. 2/5

    Archetype - 2004
    this is where Fear found their balls. new line-up change: Burton C. Bell, Christian Olde Wolbers, Raymond Hererra, and Byron Stroud. Stroud, originally from Strapping Young Lad and Zimmer's Hole, filled the bass position since the leave of Dino was filled by Wolbers. amazingly enough on the album, none of the bass lines were played by Stroud. they were all done by Wolbers, along with the guitars. every song was a good one, and this is in fact, my favorite fear album. "Bite the Hand that Bleeds" was featured on the Saw movie in the credits. very respectful comeback, gets a 5/5

    Transgression - 2005
    the fall of fear happened right here. this wasnt even considered a metal album. they dubbed it a "pop" album. a dark day in the life of a fan of FF. the only good songs to come from this album were: Moment of Impact, Supernova, 540,000 degrees Fahrenheit and, the special download song, "My Grave" i didnt like this album. period. but it gets a 3/5 for the 4 songs that were good.

    Mechanize - 2010
    forget it. i didnt like it. 1.5/5. go listen for yourself.
  • New Figure of Six song, Brand New World, review

    Jan 24 2011, 17h16

    Figure of Six- Brand New Life is out and it needs to be known what kind of song is to be expected from the newly reformatted Figure of Six. here's my 5 good/bad review of the song.

    1. [Good] its a new Figure of Six song. this song could blow donkey dick and still be awesome just because is Figure of Six.
    2. [Bad] this song blows donkey dick. it just takes everything i know about FoS and throws it out the window.
    3. [Bad] where did the awesome accent go?????? i really miss it. it made FoS so....amazing. there is no odd accent at all in this song
    4. [Good/Bad] its very obvious that they are returning to their roots from the first album. i dont see any influence from their Aion album. its all Step One from as far as i can tell
    5. [Good] the awesome electronic synth samples are still there, which is awesome. if they werent there, i'd lose all faith in this band. to throw out what made Aion so amazing, THEN throw out the synths, i....i just dont know what i'd say to that.

    well, there you go folks. download at your discretion. i think you should, just cause, well, its Figure of Six. pay your respects bitch tits!
  • DROID debut album review

    Abr 20 2010, 15h45

    Droid is a Groove metal band from California. i only heard one song by them, The Resurrection, and i was just blown away. Music Choice really had a good selection that night. after about a year of looking, i finally found their site, and downloaded their new single(supposedly from their new album due out anytime), Condemn The Weak. yet another ballpark hit for this extremely talented band. i've listened to nearly all the album, except for 2 songs- Vengence Is Mine and For The Following, but i must sy every song blew me away. it definately deserves its credit. it never skipped a beat the entire time. all over, this album gets a 5/5. hopefully their follow-up album(which no one seems to know anything about) will be just as good.
  • CD albums i own....

    Mar 31 2010, 16h23

    Austrian Death Machine
    Total Brutal
    Double Brutal
    A Very Brutal Christmas

    Alice in Chains
    Nothing Safe: the Best of the Box
    Bank Heist

    A Dark Halo

    Dark Tranquillity
    Fiction [Touring Edition]

    Cult of Static
    Shadow Zone
    Wisconsin Death Trip
    Start a War

    Slave Design
    Antares [Japanese Bonus Track]
    Antares [U.S. Bonus Track]
    The Pulse of Awakening [Japanese Bonus Track]

    Fear Factory
    Soul of a New Machine *original 1992 release
    Obsolete [Collector's Edition]
    Archetype [Deluxe Edition]

    Arch Enemy
    Doomsday Machine

    Vapor Transmissions [Special Edition]

    Team America World Police
    Team America World Police Soundtrack


    Shadows Fall
    War Within [Deluxe Edition]


    Dimmu Borgir


    Sworn to a Great Divide [Deluxe Edition]

    The True Human Design
    Nothing [Re-release]

    Orbit Dance
    Signs of Existance

    Times of Grace
    The Hymn of A Broken Man

    The Empire Shall Fall

    In Flames
    Reroute to Remain

    Winds of Plague
    the Great Stone War

    6teen stone

    my Own Prison

    Synthetic Division

    Despised Icon
    Ills of Modern Men [Deluxe Edition]

    Internal Revolution

    The Devin Townsend Project

    Strapping Young Lad
    The New Black
    1994-2006: Chaos Years [Deluxe Edition]

    Wonder What's Next

    We Couldn't Think of a Title

    The Sickness

    Fashion Nugget
    Comfort Eagle


    Haji's Kitchen
    Sucker Punch

    Ill Nino
    Best of Ill Nino [Roadrunner]
    Dead New World

    Turn on the Bright Lights

    Victims of this Fallen World/Northern Hyperblast [Dual disc]

    Follow the Leader
    Greatest Hits


    The Devil Wears Prada
    Zombie EP

    Lamb of God

    Machine Head
    The Blackening
    The Blackening [Deluxe Edition]

    Marilyn Manson
    the High End of Low
    Portrait of an American Family

    The End of All Things to Come
    Lost and Found

    Sons of the System


    Pork Soda



    System of a Down
    System of a Down
    Steal this Album!

    Various Artists
    Metal for the Masses Vol. 8
    Metal for the Masses Vol. 6
    Totally Dance

    Tenacious D
    The Pick of Destiny

  • Austrian Death Machine Total Brutal review

    Mar 26 2010, 19h50

    here's my long overdue Austrian Death Machine review for their first album Total Brutal. this was a STUNNING album. unlike anything ive ever heard. Hardcore Comedy. you cant get any cooler than that. Austrian Death Machine was created by As I Lay Dying singer, Tim Lambesis. AILD sucks sooooo hard though, cant stand them at all. thats why i never bought this '07 release until last year when i heard their single "Get to the Choppa" on XM. netherless, that name gives it away. this is a parody band for the great Arnold Schwarzeneggar. every song is a quote from a movie of his. and it works. the funny think about ADM is that their is only 2 members officially. Tim and AHHnold(which changes every album). the new AHHnold on Double Brutal is no where as awesome and brutal as this one. but tim plays all the instruments, except where noted from a guest guitarist. i dont like AILD but ADM is a different story completely. this sounds nothing like AILD. its comedic, heavy, and BRUTAL. im tired, so this is going to be a half-ass review. check them out on if you're a member. honestly, i suggest getting Total Brutal. its a 5/5 its soooo good. i listen to it constantly, and love EVERY song on there. the little skits that tim does with AHHnold is just funny. here's the list, taken straight from wiki because im too tired to type it in myself. just looking at this setlist will make you laugh. seriously, give them a chance. you will be happy.
    Total Brutal
  • Primus Sailing the Seas of Cheese review

    Mar 26 2010, 19h48

    this is an old primus album from the great 90's. '91 to be exact. but i think this album needs to be resurfaced and rated. its just that great. Primus, as always, unleashed their usual onslaught of odd songs and beautiful skits. this album relies heavily on the funk, unlike the previous album Frizzle Fry. also, new to the primus scene this era, they actually focused on touchy topics: politics, poverty, immigration, military abuse, and druggies. one of the singles was even put on Tony Hawks Pro Skater 3, Jerry was a Race Car Driver. the other single, American Life, is featured on Tony Hawks Project 8 (Les loves the games). all over, i loved the messages in the songs, thought they added a great dash of funk to their perfect brew of insanity, and i just like the way Les plays the cello(more notable in Pork Soda than in this album though). i was listening to Jerry Was a Race Car Driver when i got my mohawk, so it holds a special place in my heart always(its so epic, you'll want to do stupid shit like that). Sgt. Baker pokes fun at some of the quotes from Full Metal Jacket, which i found hilarious. after listening to the entire album again, im still holding strong to a 4.5/5. the singles were great, and a couple of the regular songs were good, but the skits were unimpressive this time around(Grandads Little Ditty), which is just Les trying to sound like an old dude in the shower. funny as it sounds, you'll end up skipping it. check this album out. i love Primus, and everything about them and their great funky music. if you pick up this album now, its maybe going to be $9.99. good deal. check it out-

    Sailing The Seas Of Cheese
  • Metal for the Masses Vol. 6

    Mar 26 2010, 19h44

    although this is a very old one, this is definately my favorite of all time. every song was good, no flaws at all. this opened many doors for me, band wise, the first time i listened to it. some of them i even bought albums of later. this was, at the time, Century Media's best setlist. this gets a 5/5 hands down.

    Arch Enemy- Revolution Begins
    Suicide Silence- No Pity for a Coward
    In this Moment- Beautiful Tragedy
    Devian- Scarred
    Winds of Plague- One Body too Many
    Sworn Enemy- Time to Rage
    Warbringer- Dread Command
    Agony Scene- Barn Burner
    Himsa- Unleash Carnage
    Divine Heresy- Savior Self
    Arsonists get all the Girls- the Game of life
    At All Cost- let it Rain Death (Blizzard of Snakes)
    The Agonist- Rise and Fall
    Despised Icon- Furtive Monologue
    Nachtmystium- Eulogy IV
    Behemoth- Prometherion
  • Metal for the Masses Vol. 8

    Mar 26 2010, 19h34

    the Metal for the Masses albums (a Hot Topic Exclusive) have always been hard to track down. if you ever see one. BUY IT!!!!!!! BUY IT!!!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD BUY IT!!!!!!!!! these albums are ALWAYS chock full of goodies. they are sampler CD's for the current top artists in Century Media, and most recently, Nuclear Blast. as i said befor, these albums are next to impossible to find. google metal for the masses right now and see what comes up. 1 album? thats it? yep. anyway, the latest installment, Metal for the Masses Vol. 8 has a HUGE setlist for the low low price of $6.00. amazing i know. i liked many of the songs, a few of them i already knew. but i did add a couple new bands under my belt, like Earth Crisis, Swashbuckle, Sylosis, and Korpiklaani. there were a few bands i didnt care much for, like 3 inches of blood and candlemass, but i didn let that ruin the album. all over, i give vol. 8 a 4/5.

    Disc 1
    Century Media

    Suicide Silence- Disengage
    Winds of Plague- Approach the Podium
    Despised Icon- Day of Mourning
    3 Inches of Blood- Battle and Broherhood
    Arch Enemy- Beast of Man
    Caliban- 24 Years
    Arsonists Get all the Girls- In the Empyreans
    We Were Gentlemen- New Blood
    Dvine Heresy- Bringer of Plagues
    Warbringer- Living in a Whirlwind
    Architects- Dethroned
    The Agonist- Thank You, Pain
    Lacuna Coil- I Survive
    God Forbid- Empire of the Gun
    Iwrestledabearonce- The Cat's Pajamas
    Tenet- Crown of Thorns
    Earth Crisis- Against the Current

    Disc 2
    Nuclear Blast

    Suffocation- Blood Oath
    Hypocrisy- Taste the Extreme Divinity
    Ex Deo- Legio XIII
    Vader- Rise of the Undead
    Darkane- Execution 44
    Amorphis- Silver Bride
    Swwaats- The Tamagotchi Gesture
    Threat Signal- The Beginning of the End
    Immortal- All Shall Fall
    Swashbuckle- Cruise Ship Terror
    Epica- Resign to Surrender
    Mantic Ritual- One by One
    Augury- Aetheral
    Korpiklaani- Vodka
    Sylosis- Teras
    Candlemass- If I Ever Die
    Echoes of Eternity- Twilight Fires
  • Meshuggah A L I V E review

    Mar 26 2010, 19h32

    Meshuggah's latest release, the live CD/DVD bundle Alive, turned out to be worth every penny. a very good live dvd to spell out what the band has been doing on their Obzen tour, and the live CD to complement. it mainly focused around four areas, Montreal, New York, Toronto, and Tokyo. they sounded spectacular at each one, and the only problems i had was with Jens kidman's Voice on "The Mouth Licking What You Bled" and the guitarists sounds on "New Millennium Cyanide Christ", besides those errors the rest of the dvd was awesome. i found it rather odd that their drummer, Tomas Haake, was pretty much the only member to talk throughout the entire dvd when it cut to interviews between songs. maybe the rest are shy, although i dont see Jens Kidman, the scary MF'er he is, to be shy. but oh well. the CD is a very good match to the dvd, especially for those who want to show off how much they listen to meshuggah on sound quality is brilliant, especially on the cd, it makes you feel like you're in the crowd. the dvd had great camera positions, and caught everything. the bonus feature showed the "Bleed" music video, and the making of it, nothing too special there, but pretty cool all the same. i especially love the cover, which amizingly enough, is the Alien dvd cover, with a few minor adjustments. Jens Kidman's head replaces the alien egg, but his face is distorted to look like it, and right under it the words "in space no one can hear you unless you scream" are very noticeable. all in all, i give this CD/DVD bundle a 5/5. i completely recognize this as another album to my collection. check them out at Alive
  • The Empire Shall Fall review

    Mar 26 2010, 19h30

    I just picked up The Empire Shall Fall, apparently a new band from ex-killswitch engage frontman Jesse Leach. from what i read, Leach left his other band Seemless in late 2009, and soon formed The Empire Shall Fall. their first album Awaken is definately shows Leach is returning to his roots of mixing extremely hard screams with his classic melody. since being away from killswitch for so long(for those of you who are killswitch-challenged, Leach was only in killswitch engage until the 2nd album Alive or Just Breathing), Leach is a tad rusty. i noticed strains in his screams, but since Seemless was a blues/rock band, Leach is still amazing with his melody. highly recommend anyone who was a fan of the original killswitch engage to pick Awaken up(available at, or for order if your FYE, or Best Buy, or Hastings doesnt have it). most noticable tracks were Awaken, Lords of War, Voices forming Weapons, and Choir of Angels. all in all, this album gets a 4/5. i really like where Leach is going with this band. check them out for a listen at The Empire Shall Fall