• The Rebirth IN STORES NOW!! Go Get It!

    Fev 10 2009, 21h01

    Bobby V's new album The Rebirth is in stores TODAY, RIGHT NOW, AT THIS VERY MOMENT!!
    So please show your support & go get that album!! Blu Kolla Dreams - U KNOW DA BIZNESS!!
    You can expect nothing but the best from this album; real R&B is BACK!!!!

    Purchase The Rebirth now!
  • Bobby Valentino LIVE Interactive Chats Every Thursday

    Jul 9 2008, 0h03

    That's right, now YOU can chat LIVE with Bobby Valentino!!
    He really gets crazy for the fans, so you don't wanna miss it!!
    Ask him ANYTHING you want!! He tries to answer as many questions as he can.

    Watch him LIVE on webcam & chat with him LIVE in via a chat room.
    Not too many artists takes the time out to spend time with their fans, so if you're a TRUE FAN, please stop by!!
  • Bobby Valentino Real Fans (B.V.R.F.) Radio Talk Show

    Jul 9 2008, 0h02

    The B.V.R.F. (** **) fan site has started a B.V.R.F. radio show.
    As you can see from the title, B.V.R.F. stands for Bobby Valentino Real Fans!!

    Feel free to come in & listen (live). There's a chat room to chat with other fans & you can even call in & be on-the-air.
    Click here (** **) to subscribe for updates & other important news about the B.V.R.F. Radio Talk Show.

    The talk show covers all types of topics from Bobby's good moments to bad moments to Bobby vs. other r&b artists to favorite Bobby producers.
    Don't like these topics, feel free to suggest a topic!! B.V.R.F. respects all real fans & loves to have new suggestions & opinions!
  • My New Blog | Social Web Tools

    Mai 29 2008, 22h09

    I just created a new blog called "Social Web Tools".
    Be sure to stop by & take a peak if you have time!

    I think that a lot of people will find it helpful. =D

    Social Web Tools is your #1 source for social web tools, resources, guides, applications & gadgets.

    I really have a passion for this kind of stuff & I'm hoping to update the blog at least five times per week!! See you there.

  • Free IMVU Credits Summer May Storm but Fashion Never Sleeps Contest

    Mai 6 2008, 19h54

    Starts May 1, 2008 & Ends June 15, 2008.
    Prizes: 1st Place: 20K Credits; 2nd Place: 15K Credits; 3rd Place: 10K Credits !! =)
    Theme: Stormy, Rainy Weather, Rain Gear.
    Important Rule: Editing, enhancing, NOT allowed.
    Size: 500x500 pixels only !!

    For rules, regulations & to register, please go here:
  • IMVU Div Layout Code & Tutorial

    Mai 5 2008, 1h24

    Learn how to create a customize an IMVU layout with this basic 3 box/div layout code & tutorial by ChaChaFance.


    Unfortunately, the tutorial is too long to fit here, so you will need to go here to view the code & tutorial on Layouts By ChaCha.

    I'd appreciate it if you did not remove the credit to me & my website,
    because I took a lot of time out of my schedule to do this for you guys!
    I get asked on a daily basis on how to make div layouts like this! :)
    Please let your friends know about this as well!

    Thank you.
  • Bobby Valentino: "Come With Me" Now on iTunes

    Abr 28 2008, 4h23

    Bobby Valentino's "Come With Me" is unlike any album that he has ever done & is definitely a good look. The vocal arrangements on this album are out of this world; he does things with his voice that he's never done before. If you're into "real" rnb & soul, then you'll truly fall in love with this album. I'm so honored to have the pleasure of listening to this masterpiece.

    "All About You" really puts you in the mood & gets you ready to hear the rest of this amazing album.
    "Another Life" really shows why Bobby Valentino is at the top of his game, his vocal range just amazes me & those high notes give me chills.
    "Island Girl" is a nice joint that you can just get a smooth, sensual grove on to & it's really nice to bellydance to also, lol.
    "I Think She's The One" is a special dedication to me. Ha ha, no I'm just kidding, but it's a really beautiful & relaxing instrumental.
    "What's Going On" is the TRUTH & you need to LISTEN; it's serious situations that really makes you wonder, "what's going on?"
    "Let's Get Out Of Here", I just wish it was longer; I really get into this outro!

    Definitely take the time to buy & listen to this album because it's unlike anything you've ever heard before & you won't regret it. I always fall in love with everything that Bobby Valentino does, and this album has not been any different; he never fails to amaze me.