is all about your dreams


Nov 15 2008, 9h07

Is all about your dreams

The life is made a few ways,some patches and doors
Everyday you walk a little or open doors
Everyday you make choises,take decisions
Maybe you dont see your way or this doors, but belive they exist
Everyday you build you future

The dream is a road,sometimes a long road
You have to be strong, have patience,persistence and most of all
You have to BELIVE,had faith
Dreams are your fuel, if you lose your fuel or stop to belive
Your car stop, you stop to walk

If one day you stop to belive, if you lose your faith, just look to the past
Is not easy to live, live is make choises, step to step
Never run, walk , is all about the essence of life , seize all days
Carpe Diem, we have only sure thing in life
WE WILL DIE, but we never know how and when

Everyday you build your life road, making decisions,dreaming
The life is to much to you give up,some peoples just exist
The life is your best gift we cant just drop away
When you have 60 years and look to past and say: I enjoy my life
I have sure you will die happy

Is 4:47 in the morning in Brazil, and i cant sleep thinking in my next slep,
But dont think to much
70% of your decisions you cant think, you just go...
You can be free like a wind or you can be like a stone
Is your choise...


  • Pyrella

    nice :)

    Nov 15 2008, 9h26
  • _kamm

    really instructive for pessimistic people. i like it

    Nov 15 2008, 13h06
  • grenouille_d

    wow. And in just one second everything happens! (num segundo)

    Nov 19 2008, 20h35
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