• Integral Sign and Violins?

    Jan 15 2010, 17h57

    Those who have a passion for math an music maybe have noticed the similarity between the hole of the violin and the integral sign, as shown in the pictures below

    well, seems that the hole of the violin is actually an "F", since it has something in the middle.

    reading about it i found out that the integral sign, which is basically a sum of stuff, see its sign coming from the first letter of the word "sum", that is, an stylized "S"

    from the Guitar perspective: "Definition: sound holes, in the shape of a "fancy" f, two of which are often found on the top of archtop guitars. "

    Conclusion, it seems that the similarity between the two shapes is only coincidence. Interesting, isn't it?
  • The Finest Melo-Death!

    Jan 14 2010, 21h35

    When I thought I had finally discovered the greatest-melodic-death-band-ever in Ensiferum, I just found Dark Tranquillity. These guys really know what they are doing!
  • Pure ambient sounds

    Out 24 2009, 15h47

    Pure ambient sounds is my newest "Musical" discovery so far...

    One day I was in the office of a workmate who was listening to bird sounds... I realized it and asked: are those real birds recordings?

    he replied with wise voice: yes... In the forest, birds sing when the place is safe... when there is trouble they shut up , right?

    I Instantly knew I wanted this type of "Music" for my little ones at home.
  • in my opinion Banshee outperforms Rythmbox

    Ago 26 2009, 18h15

    Installed Banshee the other day, cause didnt get used to the Ryhmbox's interface,

    i had heard a lot about banshee in the ubuntu forums and now i can tell that the team has done a good job there.

    cover art retrieval work nice and ipod is well recognized, working good as well.

    the only think i dont get to work properly is the ocver art in the ipod... didnt google it too much though.

    so far i like Banshee more than rythmbox just a personal taste.. but. still like Amarok the most is just i quit using it since the amarok 2.0 gave me so many trouble
  • Preparing for presentation in a Pub

    Mai 25 2009, 21h19

    On Thusrday I'll be playing at a Pub in Ottawa U.

    Plan to play 3 songs on the guitar, the song are quite easy... the difficult thing is that I have never sing live before... heheheh, that worries me a little bit cause want to do a decent job :)

    so far I have found four songs but decided to leave 3 of them.

    1) Suspicious Minds
    2) More Than Words
    3) Oh! Darling
  • so far i am getting used to rythmbox

    Mai 12 2009, 15h30

    still missing amarok though. think it is just a matter of taste, nothing against Rythmbox, think both teams have done a great job.
  • giving a try to Rythmbox

    Mai 8 2009, 16h14

    Beacuse of all the mess that Amarok 2 caused to my collection of music, decided to wait while the guys improve it a little more.

    Today I've decided to give Rythmbox a try... so far so good. it simplicity is cool, and i think it read the collection faster than Amarok. also has connectivity to lastfm and fecth cover art. had to check The minimize to tray plugin , and now the functionality is almost all i need. have to check the ipod yet.
  • Amarok 2 problems after upgrading to Jaunty

    Mai 6 2009, 13h18

    got the Amarok 2 after upgrading Ubuntu to the version called Jaunty. At a first glance it looked fancier than the previous one, the problem came when I realised that the audio playback was gone. Don't know if this is affecting every machine that upgraded to jaunty or I just got bad luck. From what i read in launchpad other people had the same issue. fortunately I've found a great post with the solution. I wanted to share this with you and make the steps more explicit.

    The solution i have found in my case was obtained from

    1. Install phonon-backend-xine.

    sudo apt-get install phonon-backend-xine

    2. Remove phonon-backend-gstreamer.

    sudo apt-get remove phonon-backend-gstreamer
  • The Queen of the Instruments

    Abr 25 2009, 15h10

    Many instruments in different moments of the history have claimed the first position in terms of interest for part of the musicians and listeners. There was an era for lute in renaissance and baroque. So important that nowadays still the word Luthier is used for referring a person who make and repair strings such as violins or violas. After that period, another giant enter into the stages, namely the piano. Even Bach, which is known for his magnificent pieces in harpsichord and organ, in the early 1700's saw the first drafts of the modern piano, but he didn't like it at the beginning, it was not after certain modification made by the creator, that Bach finally accepted the instrument. Although, the piano is nowadays one of the most important instruments in the western world, lack of some key features that are expected for a musician like for example portability and price. But now, times are different, and in my opinion there is another queen of the instruments, which I think is the electric guitar. Since mid sixties, this instrument had shaped not only rock but an immense variety of styles. It can be seen in punk concerts and in churches as well. This instrument is very tied to the development of rock itself and the integration of rock with other styles like jazz or folk music from different parts of the globe. Not only a young Queen (no more than 100 years old), but also a powerful and versatile instrument, that can be carried anywhere without too much difficulty. Consider how many material there are in the Internet to play this instrument, million of TAB files, which contain a notation called tablature which is a special notation for playing guitar. Hundred of websites hold this information for people just with the interest of playing their loved songs or professional musicians trying to improve their skills in some way. I would like to belive that her kingdom will last for quite a few time yet.
  • powerful songs for running

    Abr 23 2009, 12h39

    I use to listen powerful songs while i am jogging. Now that the good weather is coming and the Ottawa Marathon is at the corner I am thinking a little while about it. most of the time I listen to heavy metal, and when I am running, I specifically load powerful songs into my ipod.

    It would be interesting to present here a list of songs I found porwerful, but instead of that I prefer to talk about some songs that has some special energy... like you will not stop running when you listen to them.

    Without any doubt, Windrider is one of the most powerful songs I have ever listened to. Also Heresy in Disguise give me incredible energy.

    Remember in the past I use to run with band like Creedence Clearwater Revival or Jens Johansson, but more and more i am on the (melodic) heaviest music I can find.