Jun 2 2006, 0h38

For the past few weeks, I've been discovering (and re-discovering!) some really great artists.

Most notably, Veda Hille (thank you cloudtrapeze and Passioneer for the recommendation and tracks!). Evocative, beautiful, really involving and passionate, sometimes haunting -- somehow extremely familiar and really out there at the same; reminds me of a bunch of other artists but I can't pin her down at all. (Did that make any sense?) Really great, I can't believe more people don't know about Veda! I highly recommend her music already and I'm definitely going to seek out CDs ASAP... Highlights for me: Birdsong, Plants, Born Lucky, Bellyfish, Strange, Sad.

I also very recently purchased a Sarah Harmer CD and a Ani DiFranco CD, kind of random purchases, and I usually only purchase things when I really know the music. I think it's going to take me some time to really warm up to Sarah -- I like her music, especially Pendulums but something throws me off a little, I'm not sure what. I'm sure I'll start liking it a lot more soon. On the other hand, Dilate immediately appealed to me, especially Untouchable Face and Superhero. Ani's quickly becoming a favorite; I'll give Sarah Harmer some time.

Another discovery has been Marina V. Her music isn't completely unique or mindblowing or anything like that; but I'm really enjoying it. Most of it is fairly simple, and her voice is lovely. She also seems like a really friendly and nice person, I think I'll be listening to her newest album "Simple Magic" quite often :) Highlights: Pesnya O Tebe, I'll Be Alright.

Major rediscovery is Eisley. I used to be a HUGE fan about two years ago, lost interest, and now I'm really liking them again. Really dreamy, the harmonies are wonderful. I'm probably not going to like them as much as I did before, but I'm glad I did remember them again! I only wish I still had the Laughing City EP... I truly miss "Tree Tops". My current favorite track of theirs is "Mr. Pine", very pretty song. Highlights: Marvelous Things, Memories, Laughing City, Mr. Pine, Plenty of Paper.

Mini-discovery: KT Tunstall, some nice songs; I really like Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.

I haven't been listening to Tegan and Sara so often. It's not that I don't enjoy them anymore, but ever since I bought So Jealous and was really disappointed (I really do not like the album too much), I've been taking somewhat of a break from them.

I'm also getting into Sarah Slean very much, but I don't have an album yet. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good first album to buy?

On the topic of discovering, if anyone has any recommendations for me, they'd be highly appreciated.


  • castleday

    I'm not really sure what I dislike so much about the album...I might like it better when I listen to it more. I think it might actually be the polish that kind of turns me off.

    Jun 2 2006, 4h17
  • my_epitome

    I absolutely love So Jealous! It's infectiously catchy! I haven't been able to get into If It Was You, but on a different note...w00t to Ani DiFranco! She has such a large back catalogue that I recommend looking into!

    Jun 2 2006, 8h54
  • castleday

    Well I have to admit the album is catchy. XD And Ani DiFranco really does have a large back catalogue, I have no idea which album of hers to get next!

    Jun 2 2006, 15h11
  • my_epitome

    Like I Said is one of my faves and I love Imperfectly and Little Plastic Castle...and Living In Clip for the live songs

    Jun 2 2006, 15h22
  • castleday

    Thanks :) A lot of people seem to like Little Plastic Castle, I might pick that one up next.

    Jun 2 2006, 15h27
  • NarcolepsyWeed

    Get Sarah Slean's Day One and Night Bugs. Fantastic albums :)

    Jun 3 2006, 5h03
  • castleday

    Thanks :)

    Jun 3 2006, 15h35
  • cloudtrapeze

    Oops, I totally missed this. I think you must have posted it while the recommended reading wasn't working properly, and by the time it was back to normal this entry was buried under a pile of other stuff. Really glad to hear you're enjoying Veda so much. And I see you're in the Top Fan spot this week, so congratulations. ;-) [quote]I can't believe more people don't know about Veda! I highly recommend her music already and I'm definitely going to seek out CDs ASAP.[/quote] It's definitely a great shame that she's not more widely known. I feel it's really a case of 'under-promoted' rather than 'underrated', as most people who know Veda's work seem to rate her very highly. Hence the rabid fans going around pouncing on people, hehe. So keep spreading the word! 'Spine' is probably the easiest to find (without mail-ordering from Canada), but it sounds as though you'd also like 'You Do Not Live In This World Alone' and 'Field Study'. Speaking of mail-ordering from Canada, 'Day One' is a lot easier to get hold of than Sarah Slean's earlier albums, and in any case is a great place to start.

    Jun 10 2006, 15h43
  • castleday

    Haha. I guess it's easy to be a Top Fan what with only a little over 200 people listening to Veda on this site. It really is a shame. I'll try to spread the word; I don't think I really know anyone who's interested in her kind of music which is kind of disappointing. Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. :) As for Sarah Slean, I thought because Night Bugs and Day One are available on iTunes, I'd probably purchase them there because it seems easier. But thanks for the tip.

    Jun 10 2006, 17h58
  • cloudtrapeze

    Ah, but it didn't use to be so easy to become Veda's top fan, let me tell you. And when the charts switch back to long-term, we'll all have to compete with this insane creature again. Not that it's a competition of course, I'm just being silly. But he is insane. I'm serious about that. :P Ah, I didn't know 'Night Bugs' was on itunes anywhere. I stopped using itunes after I discovered their m4p files were pretty much useless to me. Plus the UK store never had any of those cool exclusives.

    Jun 10 2006, 19h08
  • castleday

    Haha. Over 3000 plays! I couldn't believe I even got to 600 for my top artist.

    Jun 11 2006, 18h41
  • Passioneer

    Wow, I totally missed this post too so I'm kind of late to the party. ;) I love your description of Veda... and your discovery of Ani made me want to try to get into her again - I've never really persued her seriously, just heard a few songs here and there. And as far as buying Veda and Sarah Slean CDs, aside from iTunes or whatever, I've ordered all of Sarah's (except Blue Parade which I'm sure will happen soon) from and haven't had any problems with them. It's a Canadian music site, but it gives you the (estimated) price in US dollars too and it's not horribly expensive. As far as Veda, I haven't gotten any of hers yet and I don't know how reliable this site is, but since (I believe) she doesn't take credit card orders on her site, this looks like the best place:, all of her CDs are $15.99 there. Hope that helps some.

    Jul 16 2006, 17h34
  • castleday

    I wasn't sure if my description actually made any least it made sense to you, hehe. With Ani, I still haven't gone further than Dilate -- she has so many cds out, it's kind of intimidating! I don't know which one to seek out next. Thanks, that did help. I'm not sure how soon I'll be purchasing, but I'll save those links :)

    Jul 16 2006, 17h58
  • _KevMusic_

    Veda veda veda veda :) Yes, I *too* cannot rate her highly enough. Just joining in the chorus here.

    Out 14 2009, 19h32
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