unscrobbled, but


Dez 4 2009, 1h12

i listened to charlie parker from around ten this morning until now, approximately eight pm.
couldn't believe he has a track called "east of the sun (and west of the moon)." it's a fairytale, and the version i had was beautifully illustrated. have a peek: mercer mayer


  • Zenith815

    Very Labyrinth/Maurice Sendak

    Dez 6 2009, 20h56
  • camocargo

    i just reread where the wild things are a few days back. em's mom had brought it down.

    Dez 8 2009, 22h22
  • Vaimaisaid

    The Bird is pretty fucking amazing isn't he?

    Jan 20 2010, 22h18
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