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  • dus-tin

    Lots of cardinals, but no bluejays. We have 4 feral cats living under our porch, so about once a week there's a carcass of some small rodent or the tattered feathers of a bird that wandered too long on the ground. These cats are well fed and are seriously just murdering anything that comes into their territory, they never eat their victims, just leave them in the open like a warning.

    Ontem 04:01 Responder
  • flameevans

    It's ok, I'm not blown away by it but I did like your favourite song by them. On another note, how does one go about stealing a whole parking lot?

    14 Dez 23h13 Responder
  • flameevans

    I'm only a casual listener of radiohead. I do love karma police and I have a friend who does a great cover of fake plastic trees. I have Thom Yorkes first solo album and I listened to it a lot when it came out but thinking about it right now I can visualise the cover vividly but I can't evoke one of the songs from it so I guess, sonically, it wasn't very memorable or just didn't make an impact on me like the cover did.

    13 Dez 21h40 Responder
  • dus-tin

    stop deleting me, fickle man

    13 Dez 6h56 Responder
  • flameevans

    Fear of the prawn 🍤

    7 Dez 7h54 Responder
  • flameevans

    Ear of the corn 🌽

    7 Dez 7h53 Responder
  • flameevans

    I love Music Is My Boyfriend it sounds so joyous despite its lyrics.

    6 Dez 16h29 Responder
  • flameevans

    6 Dez 14h19 Responder
  • flameevans

    p.s. you are far more handsome than that avatar.

    6 Dez 10h08 Responder
  • flameevans

    No, I haven't seen it but I will check it out when I can. Hmmm, quick question, is there any transcripts or video evidence (please God, let there be video evidence!) of "the insane hysterics that got you banned" from whatever a pogbox is? It sounds far more riveting than Anne Hathaway's lecture on the mysteries of love... ;)

    6 Dez 10h07 Responder
  • cadavreflex

    Heads and it's me. flip a coin if you want to know the truth.

    5 Dez 16h00 Responder

    p.s. - Is it really you in that avatar?

    5 Dez 13h01 Responder

    Please come back to pogbox. The insane hysterics that got you banned have been forgiven ❤

    5 Dez 12h41 Responder
  • flameevans

    I'm not really a drinker- perhaps once in a blue moon I will have a drink but I'd be a happy with a coca-cola- so I don't really understand why would anyone ever want to subject themselves to that. Puking "bloodred pus" sounds like something from a horror movie!?! 😱

    5 Dez 8h43 Responder
  • flameevans

    29 Nov 1h31 Responder
  • flameevans

    Ok but you have to try this my all time favourite sonic youth song.

    29 Nov 0h26 Responder
  • flameevans

    Father and son is my least liked cat Stevens song. It's maudlin and trite.

    29 Nov 0h08 Responder
  • flameevans

    Is that a band, a song or do you just hate Blonde Redhead so much you think I should unplug the speakers rather than defile my ears with their music?

    29 Nov 0h04 Responder
  • flameevans

    It kinda scares me a little so if I'm erect at all it's a fearboner.

    28 Nov 23h59 Responder
  • flameevans

    One doesn't have to a nurse to be attracted to the hysterical.

    28 Nov 23h55 Responder
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