• lost_johnny

    I assume this is only for people living in Canada, Germany, Spain, France, the UK or the US???

    Set 2 2008, 16h44
  • mozTom

    Where else matters, lost_johnny? Also, I saw another company accepting testers say "no jailbroken phones", but this one doesn't say that.

    Set 2 2008, 16h46
  • lost_johnny

    I did not need to jailbreak my iphone to install the app in the Netherlands. Only when Apple US tries to contact me on the phone, they can nicely order a taxi in Cupernico ;-)

    Set 2 2008, 16h49
  • eriq84

    lost_johhny: I initially had the same assumption, but sent in a request anyway :-)

    Set 2 2008, 16h50
  • Forkaster

    Dang i applied even though i am in Portugal. If it is not available in Portugal ignore my Beta Tester request.

    Set 2 2008, 16h50
  • jorendg

    I do wanne help testing, but is can I do this from belgium?

    Set 2 2008, 16h51
  • Clancemasterj

    I'm up for it!

    Set 2 2008, 16h53
  • LukeKavis

    i wanna help testing to... from austria. greets

    Set 2 2008, 16h54
  • mdotbb

    does anyone know if it's possible to get the identifier from the device itself (instead of itunes)?

    Set 2 2008, 17h10
  • Elziard

    i'm game.

    Set 2 2008, 17h12
  • williamhook

    Sent mine in. :)

    Set 2 2008, 17h13
  • pimenov

    russia need beta ! )) send it to me !

    Set 2 2008, 17h15
  • RobbertShikari

    Hey there. I want to do this, but am i able to test it in theNed? I have a iPod Touch 2.0.2, not jailbroken, not yet. ;) @SmileyTSL, how can i open the USA version of the AppStore? When I open iTunes Store, it automatically goes to the Dutch version. BTW; i'm veeeery sorry for my bad English. (;

    Set 2 2008, 17h17
  • feyd

    mr.beta strikes again. yay!

    Set 2 2008, 17h20
  • MountainView

    I'd love this

    Set 2 2008, 17h21
  • c99koder

    @mdotbb you can install Ad Hoc Helper from the App Store on your device, and that will let you email your id to us.

    Set 2 2008, 17h24
  • Skatertrash21

    sent :] i use my last.fm app all the time, pick me!

    Set 2 2008, 17h25
  • falleri

    I really want to help beta testing too :) I'm anxiously awaiting an email..

    Set 2 2008, 17h27
  • LukeKavis

    lol, my email to you was blocked. "At some point in the past we have received a large volume of unsolicited commercial email from the same IP address range which you are trying to send us mail from. "

    Set 2 2008, 17h29
  • mdotbb

    my bad Sam. just sent mine.

    Set 2 2008, 17h33
  • thejaymo

    Just sent mine in, am in the uk.

    Set 2 2008, 17h33
  • Nourez

    So, I assume that you are distributing application Ad Hoc, not via the App Store. If this is the case, that means that there is a maximum of 100 users per app if I am not mistaken. Do you have any special plans on picking who gets in, or is it simply gonna be first come, first serve?

    Set 2 2008, 17h36
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