Liger: best Austrian artist in ages


Mar 18 2006, 14h54

While the jury is still out on the most likely Napoleon Dynamite-referencing band name, Liger's music is definitely the most exciting to come out of Vienna in... as long as I can remember.
If you like acts such as CocoRosie, Xiu Xiu or Final Fantasy, please do yourself a favor and check out this brilliant artist.

And to top it off, his two releases so far are licensed under the Creative Commons license and availible for download right here and here. And there's even a Björk cover on that first one.

While I downloaded the EP a while ago, I only just now realized that he's local -- and of course this revelation comes exactly four days after his concert date, as usual... :/
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  • byXtheXthroat

    CocoRosie & Xiu Xiu are amazing!

    Mar 18 2006, 16h04
  • kiwibrombeer

    hrm.. yeah, he's quite exceptional for an austrian artist, given that the austrian music scene has been quite uninspired these last years (and the ones before that..). but, well - you have given the somewhat similar acts and these are the ones he's to match with, and he doesn't quite arrive. (he does sound even a little too much like CocoRosie sometimes but missing the little details they have..) but i guess the potential is there and he'll probably evolve to something exceptional even for non-austrian standards.. for another somewhat interesting austrian group you should maybe check out go die big city!. There's some stuff to download here.

    Mar 18 2006, 16h05
  • kiwibrombeer

    ah.. the link didn't work.. so i'll write it out:

    Mar 18 2006, 16h07
  • c3o

    Whoa, there's Austrian twee? Who knew!? While on the subject of obscure local goodness: I'm a big fan of the Viennese label Skylab Operations, even though I guess all of their artists are foreign. Nevertheless, Text Adventure (full album) and Boothby, Collette Carter etc on the 2088 Compilation) are real under-appreciated indietronica gems.

    Mar 18 2006, 16h50
  • kiwibrombeer

    i was about as surprised as you when i found out. :) in case you don't want to miss a live act again, they are going to play as part of the Gravity Festival with acts as tempting as The Wedding on the 13th may in vienna (planet music). for the skylab operation stuff you recommended - can you listen to them without violating any international copyright laws? having Her Space Holiday signed definitely is a strong point for a label and makes the rest more interesting..

    Mar 18 2006, 17h15
  • kiwibrombeer

    ah.. Wedding Present, natürlich.. warum kann man journal-kommentare nicht editieren, dann würd ich mir die dämlichen doppelposts sparen..

    Mar 18 2006, 17h16
  • nastradamus84

    petsch moser, wer sonst?

    Mar 18 2006, 17h44
  • c3o

    Yes kiwibrombeer, they have a net label too. Oh hey, new stuff by Vitaminsforyou and A Boy Named Thor! <3 (Petsch Moser are the best local indie rock, no doubt)

    Mar 19 2006, 3h02
  • kiwibrombeer

    danke noch für den observatory link. und die diversen empfehlungen (text adventure und vitaminesforyou gefallen mir schon mal sehr gut - wird dann wohl ein längeres durchhören). übrigens muss ich meinem vorredner beipflichten: petsch moser als beste lokale (selbst nur wien-lokale) indie-rock-band hinzustellen ist dann doch eher ein armutszeugnis. ich hätt auch eher für was aus richtung garish (ok, burgenländer) oder Naked Lunch (gut, kärntner) plädiert.

    Mar 21 2006, 13h41
  • fastdort

    und i hob glaubt, de stürmer christl is top im indie pop. ;-)

    Mar 22 2006, 21h50
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