• Songs for my funeral

    Dez 23 2008, 2h40

    Heres a list i think would be appropriate
    Bruce Dickinson - Jerusalem
    Iron Maiden - Journeyman
    Ozzy Osbourne - Mrs J Demo
    Black Label Society - In this River
    Hellyeah - Thankyou
    Bruce Dickinson - Tears of the dragon
  • Gigantour and Megadeth Rocked the house

    Out 26 2006, 1h15

    We headed to the venue Riverstage in Brisbane at about 4.00 we didnt know we to go so we just followed the other metalheads (my kind of people) down the street and found the venue easy. The Que was so cool so many different people wearing all the different band t-shirts you can imagine and we jumped on the end of the line. We got our tickets and had to wait about an hour because the line was huge. it started drizzling a bit as we headed into the venue but that was cool and soon it started hosing down as we got in. The german band Caliban started up and everyone rushed down to the mosh pit and got in there it was a really cool venue there was a big hill and then a flat were the mosh pit was. A highlight of the night was when caliban asked the mosh pit to do the wall of death the crowd had to create a line down the center then run at each other and people got smashed up it was funny as.
    Then as Arch Enemy took the stage it started pissing down and everyone cheered when the lightning went of and what a voice the chick has! but they played a cool set. Soulfly was next who were also kick ass and did a sweet drum solo were everyone in the band had drums and drummed on stage then they let the lead guitarist do a cool guitar solo on his double guitar.
    Next was the moment me and my mates had come for Megadeth! they took about half an hour to set up
    and Dave Mustaine walked on and got the biggest cheer of the night.His voice hasnt really aged and it should be good on the new album. Me and my mate Mathias just wanted to appreciate the music and go a little crazy so we stood on the bank behind the mosh pit and had a really good view and my mate James went crazy in the mosh pit.
    They kicked it of with Blackmail the universe and busted out 18 songs which were all performed really really good. Highlights for me were, Symphony of destruction, In my darkest hour, Trust, Hangar 18, Tornado of souls, Peace Sells, Holy wars, She Wolf and The Mechanix, also they played a new song Washington's next which sounded amazing and has cool guitar solos.
    I think Dave Mustaine was really cool on stage some guy through a t-shirt at him and he was like "Don't throw shit at me or I'll come down there and kick your ass"!
    the crowd cheered "kick his ass dave"!
    The Encore was awesome it went Black they came back on and busted out The Mexchanix and stopped halfway through to introduce the band which is awesome and wrapped it up with Holy Wars.
    It was the highlight of the trip and worth every cent!
    and if they come here i'm totally going again.