• ipod

    Out 8 2008, 5h01

    dear 120 gb ipod,
    i am in love with you!!!
  • recommend me an album

    Jun 6 2008, 21h17

    recommend me an:

    fav song on that album:

    and i'll fill it on your page too.
  • W.A.S.P. @ The Coachhouse

    Mar 8 2008, 20h16

    Fri 7 Mar – W.A.S.P.
    i wanted to see them so bad january 29 at the galaxy but they moved the show to the coach house on March 7th. i also regret not seeing them on 6/6/06 at the galaxy. the coachhouse was more for older people and you were not even allowed to stand and there was too much security since they moved the security from the galaxy over there since it now has a new owner.

    W.A.S.P. was so good! it was the first time that I ever saw them and they played the whole Crimson Idol since thats what the tour and we got to see the never before footage of the movie they filmed to go along with The Crimson Idol and the coolest thing is that its never before seen footage. They took a break and by the end of the night they played L.O.V.E. Machine,Wild Child,,Blind in Texas. my friend and i screamed our ass's off for Blackie Lawless. Take Me Up
  • vice squad

    Ago 20 2007, 17h09

    it sucks that Vice Squad postponed their US TOUR especially since I bought the tickets at the Showcase Theater and now I got to go all the way back to god damn Corona and it is sooooo far away but I need my money back or it is $26 down the drain and that is absurd. I know that I've seen them before at The Galaxy the previous year but I was really looking forward to seeing them and I know they our touring 2008 but I don't know the date. It's going to be so difficult to find a day to go back there since my boyfriend and i both work. Though the hting that bugs me is that you can still by tickets on ticketmaster and the showcase website says it is still going on. How frustrating.
  • guitar hero

    Ago 15 2007, 19h14

    is so much fun! i wish i had an extra guitar controller. I can use the Ps2 one but it isn't the same and i wish I had someone to battle with. It's so much fun. I can't wait for the third one. it sucks though that i have to buy it with my own money since my parents think its a waste of time.
  • Poison with Ratt

    Ago 13 2007, 9h17

    Sun 12 Aug – Poison, Ratt
    I am so proud that I took my sister to her first concert to go see Poison with Ratt.

    The opening band was Vains of Jenna. They were pretty decent, they reminded me of Ratt a little bit. They played for around a half an hour. I don't really care for White Lion who was supposed to be the opening band.
    They were playing "We Will Rock You" by Queen and hen Ratt came on and I was sooo excited!Warren DeMartini was is so talented at guitar. And Stephen Pearcy on vocals....oh my :) They played Dangerous but Worth the Risk,I'm Insane,You Think You're Tough,Wanted Man,Slip of the Lip,Way Cool Jr.(which i love),Nobody Rides for Free,Back for More.Lovin' You's A Dirty Job,Lack of Communication,Lay It Down,You're in Love,Body Talk, and of course they played Round and Round. I was surprised that they didn't play I Want a Woman but its fine cause they kicked ass with all their songs anyways!

    My sister and I went to the bathroom before Poison went on. They started playing "Highway to Hell" by AC/DC.They had flames shooting up from behind the stage and Bret Michaels appeared through a trap door.They had some interesting things play on the big screens which is kind of cool but dissapointing that they didn't use it at all for Ratt or for Poison playing except for a few cases in which Bret & CC were jamming together, CCs solo, Rikkis drum solo and thats pretty much it. Bret played the Harmonica as well in some songs which is pretty cool to me.

    They started off with Look What The Cat Dragged In, I Want Action, Ride The Wind, I Won't Forget You, What I Like About You(The Romantics cover) and then CC did his guitar solo and Ray Charles with someone on piano, then he sang,"I hate Every Bone In Your Body But Mine" and it pissed me off that people were bitching about how CC wasnt a good singer and he's alright, he's the guitarist people and I think thats cool that he did that.I really like CC, I think he's such a sweet heart and that he's accomplished so much in life. After that they played Something To Believe In,Your Mama Don't Dance(and for this the screen had black and white footage of topless women dancing which I joked to my sister cover your eyes,haha), and then they did a cover of Tom Petty"I need to Know". Rikkis drum Solo was pretty cool. The drums moved forward to the front of the stage. Then they played Unskinny Bop,Every Rose Has It's Thorn(such a beautiful song), Fallen Angel, Talk Dirty to Me and then for Encore which hardly anyone was shouting at first but eventually more people did it was Nothin' But A Good Time but it's easy to tell that they planned it cause confetti shot out. Brets so cool he stayed out forawhile and I guess people in the front got to shake his hand and stuff. That made me envious cause Laura and I were sitting in the tenth terrance even though it was pretty good seating. My throat aches from screaming and my hands hurt from clapping so much.

    They were filming the whole time so they said that this footage will be on Rock of Love which is exciting. after the show was over we saw Krista & Brandi C("the barbie twins") from the Rock of Love walking away holding hands.I wanted a tour shirt but the poison ones were $25 and the Ratt ones were $30 :/ When I get enough money from my current job i guess I can buy them online. I wishthey'd combine the shirts though like X did with the Rollins band, that would have been tight and cheaper for the fans.
    I was so pumped I had such difficulty sleeping that night.