• 「嵐」に感謝。<thank you ARASHI, recovered from mental depression>

    Mar 6 2013, 9h33


    Asahi newspaper column. <thank you Arashi, recovered from depression>

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    ★「嵐」に感謝 うつ病から回復 無職 吉井温子(愛媛県今治市55歳)


    YOKO wrote:
    Same here! over the last decade, i’ve been having a very tough time. i’m not the person who’s so into pop idles, but Arashi is something different for me. people around me think that i am a music OTAKU and i don’t listen to the music everyone else does. BUT i do! i do listen to Arashi’s tracks and i sing songs of theirs! and i actually went see Arashi’s concert several times! Arashi is really something for me! and for my mother!

    私もこっそり嵐に感謝。隠れキリシタン的に大昔から大好きだった。この方と同じで、「仲良く和気あいあいとしている彼らの姿に癒され」、前向きでいて且つ説教臭くない歌詞の 付いた元気な曲が大好きで、死にたくなって家を飛び出して泣きながら街を彷徨った時も、イヤホンから流れてくる嵐の音楽に励まされた。

    Article A woman who recovered depression by Arashi. ♥

    Asahi newspaper column.
    <thank you Arashi, recovered from depression>
    the other day I got to know 350M people got disease of depression in the world by WHO announcement. I was a patient of depression over 20 years, especially since I have started nursing care of my father. I suffered, I wanted to commit to suicide. 3 years ago, Arashi’s show was airing on the TV I turned on by chance. I was healed by their chummy and cozy aspect I smiled without noticed, since then I watch Arashi’s TV shows, movies and listen to their music. Starting from Arashi, I got to love whole entertainment such as J-pop, comedy, stage. I got new entertainment for my nursing care daily life. I don’t get down any more, after 4 month I recovered up to the status that I don’t need to take medicine which was taken for over 10 years. I learnt a lesson that laughing was important for mental care. I feel grateful to Arashi.

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    Article A woman who recovered depression by Arashi