• Most influential!

    Abr 14 2006, 14h44

    The first i ever heard of Man was whilst waiting for an all night gig to begin at Bingly Hall, Birmingham during 1972 and the DJ put on the as yet unreleased "H.Samuel" from the "LIve at the Padget Rooms" album to keep the crowd quiet! About 5 mins into it i thought "wow, thats increadible" and i've been a big fan ever since.
    I went straight out and ordered the album and soon had all their other releases as well!
    I was lucky enough to get to see them twice live at the Town Hall during '72/'73 and they surpassed my expectations of them live, the energy, exuberance and fun they injected into their performance was just fantastic and everyone left after feeling drained but elated!
    Even though they've been through many changes of line up in their long and prolific career's they manage to carry on with the same style and feeling they had from the begining.
    I was very pleased to see that they still do the rounds on the gig scene but dissapointed that i didn't notice till after they'd recently performed less than a mile from where i live! I'm keeping a more vigilant watch out for future shows and look forward to seeing them in the near future!
    I can honestly say that as a grass roots progressive/rock band they probably had the biggest influence on my listening tastes and their well worth having a listen to if you've not done so before!"Play Loud"
    Thanks Manband for many years of listening pleasure!