8 bit 8-bit 8bit a glimpse of our hyper autotuned robot music future album-a-day albums i took from my father because i was like i need this more than you old man apparently this erstwhile indie rocker has turned to like christian bluegrass artists who chose extremely hardcore suicide methods eg stabbing in the chest six… asymptotic analysis atari st bands that i am in the band or i am the band bands that i go to some lengths to avoid being recorded in my last-fm profile that… bands that i learned about from hummer tv ads but then only liked the one song that… bands that revolve around an iconic and swaggering lead primasinger-songwriterdonna… bands where i am not sure whether to be embarrassed or pleased that they are so… bands where listening to the music is basically like doing a form of psychedelic… bands who have had famous and messy relationships with their record labels ben bernanke brunch chess chess metaphors chiptune chiptunes class one coded message convulsive credit crisis credit crunch crush delirium dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane does not realize that hand claps are not an instrument doesnt afraid of anything excessive number of members for craps sake will you learn how to operate a recording device full names of controlled substances in rhyme g protein-coupled receptors game music gamewave gold standard guitar hero guys who have surprisingly high-pitched voices but not like geddy lee hamden hypertrophic cardiomyopathy i literally cannot listen to this song without dancing i used to think indie had something to do with indians which was pretty dumb idiot-synth if they knew how to literally sing a rainbow they would do it in a second indie indie rock invalid style sheet it made me spontaneously cry at work for christs sake and then i put it on infinite… it says it is about airplanes but it does not appear to be about airplanes john searle lots of ladies want to jump his bones even though like look at his face and also he… ludum dare mario modal logic neotechnology nintendo not enough lyrics to determine if this is about childbirth not ironic because he really is a math nerd okay music one night bands oxyphenbutazone patent application pittsburgh pittsburgh steeler pittsburgh steelers placebo effect post-indie post-postism precocious children punctuation metaphors radiohead dresses as the cure for halloween real good regretted recordings rh factor sadie hawkins scientology semi-ironic synth strings sex with robots sideburns singers whose tortured emotions and waiflike femininity put them at a level of indie… songfight spring break steelers strong buy the claustrophobia of sex relations their preposterously spastic drummer appears to undergo a painful inner battle for… transparently literal txt adventure unicode vgm video game video game music video games why you so sad man why you cry like that witness protection program xyzzy yes or no questions