• Thingers I've been listening to of late

    Set 1 2005, 17h12

    The new Animal Collective album is not what I expected it to be. The first two tracks start off Feels with an extremely bouncy, jubilant tone. But that quickly drops off, and the rest of the album is quiet, dark, slow, and very unlike Sung Tongs. The last track picks things up again, for an upbeat, positive ending. I think overall this album's a grower though.

    The new Ninja High School has been highly anticipated by me, and it's very close to me. It didn't turn out quite how I would've liked it though. While their energy is still there, for the most part, it isn't overflowing. This band brings destruction when they play live, and this record is tame at best. The vocals get pretty sloppy at some points. High points are first track (Jam Band Death Cult) and last track (Invasion Party). Their two most powerful tracks, By Purpose Not By Plan and It's All Right To Fight, have new beats behind them for some reason, and It's All Right To Fight is sped up. Both are pretty messy. Why mess with perfection? See em live, cuz this album doesn't do a great band justice.

    HOLY SHIT Akron/Family is a fucking godsend. Their self-titled album is pretty great, but dear lord, this split LP they're putting out with Angels of Light (er, as Angels Of Light) is like magic trapped in some sort of awesome thing. These guys were phenomenal live, but thank god, their greatness translates beautifully onto record. Tracks like Moment and Raising The Sparks will reaffirm your existance. Also check out Italy from their first album, the eight minutes fly by.