• Facebook Group for The Flashbulb

    Mai 29 2007, 15h39

    Hi there. I just created a facebook group for mister Benn Jordan (The Flashbulb) since there was a lack of one. Feel free to join. It's at
    Wow he's cool. My two CDs, These Open Fields and Resent and the April Sunshine Shed come in the post real soon!

  • The beginning of the beginning - What I plan to do, and a Daft Punk Eulogy

    Mai 27 2007, 17h11

    (Rubbish title heh.)

    Well I've hit 500 and more Daft Punk scrobbles. They have always been my favourite and always will be. Anything which I end up loving more and listening to more can never replace years of memory and attachment.
    And in barely the last month the first and so far only case has arisen. I am very infatuated with the music of one brilliant Benn Jordan, The Flashbulb. Due to the fact that he has composed more material, that everything he has done is fantastic, and that every album has about 20 short tracks, The Flashbulb will easily overtake Daft Punk to become my most listened to artist, at least for a while.
    All charts are skewed you see. Aphex Twin has made so much material, so much good material, under the AFX moniker as well, that he comes easily in the top four, despite not obsessing over anything in particular. Infact if you add up the two, he would come top.
    Even the top tracks chart is slightly prone, though less, due to the fact that I am obviously more likely to listen to a short song a couple times than a long one.
    But the tracks chart show my love for Discovery. It is without doubt my favourite album, it is the album to which I laugh and cry, to which I have memories of being borne into music and the album that I hope is played throughout my life and at my funeral. And while Face to Face is the track I would label as best (off that album), Veridis Quo is one that is infinitely more special.
    As we speak I am listening to Human After All, a track that is raw emotion, and together with Veridis Quo the one that I put on to cry to.

    Basically, I love Daft Punk. It is more special to me than anything else. But I am obsessing over music at the moment at that means listening to as much as possible of everything. And boy do I think The Flashbulb is awesome, so that will take top place.

    Maybe over the course of this journal I have given to you an insight of what music means to me. I have listened to 10 new albums in the past week or so. I love it, I live for it.
    Once my exams are over in a week or so, I shall start posting my reviews of albums I have listened to. Hopefully these reviews will be 'different', interesting, and contain none of the clap-trap some reviews contain.
    I invite you now to post comments as to what albums (that I have already heard) I should review. It should be fun. Maybe... Maybe next year I shall try and get a spot on the student radio in Cambridge. That would be fun.
    Till then, keep listening to all the sound, noise and music that you love. I know I am.

    William A. Lebreton