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Out 25 2006, 4h31

... I've been playing around with the PC so iTunes is currently having a heart attack trying to 'determine gapless playback'. Grrr, I wanted to do a CD for our car journey today.
So instead, I decided to listen to 'Ethereal Radio'. Some of you are putting godamned weird tags on things ... I would never say that Mike Oldfield was ethereal! Nor Curve (although I'm not complaining listening to them!)
So while I'm listening ... I thought I'd jot down some thoughts on what has been recently tagged as ethereal in the world of Last.Fm listeners ...

Curve - Polaroid - again, I wouldn't say that this is ethereal. I like it, I like Curve (although they can be very 'samey' in my book. Nothing beats Frozen e.p.

Sanvean - Lisa Gerrard - YES ... you've got it right. ok, who am I to say what is ethereal and what isn't, but to me, Lisa Gerrard is. She is other-worldly. Have you ever seen her sing live? Where that voice comes from I have no idea. There seems to be so little effort, she moves so little. Beautiful. Sublime.

Metricks - Photoaster - ok, I kinda like this. But no WAY is it ethereal. It's trance yes; it's electronica yes ... ETHEREAL ... NO! There's no beauty about it. It's not otherworldly. It's hard and fast in technology. hmmm ...

Flying Saucer Attack - November Mist - this really reminds me of a lot of bands who were on the label. I love this track. I'm going to 'hunt them out' ... although the 'white noise' bit scares me somewhat. I used to have friends in a band called 'defecato' who were into 'white noise' ... very scary. They wore lab coats and banged things a lot and twisted knobs that made scary noises in basements of art galleries in Brixton. I was too pretentious to say I hated it at the time.

Brian Eno - Dead Finks Don't Talk - I didn't realise Brian Eno was born in Suffolk ... just down the road from where I was born ... hmmm. Anyhoo, I would say some of his work is ethereal - but this is FAR FROM. NEXT! (I had to move on when the geese noises started}

Hood - Home is Where it Hurts - this is ok ... again ... where's the ethereality (I think I just made up a word there) about it? Hmmm ... but I don't hate it ... the 'singing' is a tad annoying at times but it's ok.

Elliott Smith - Coming Up Roses - arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... I love Elliott Smith .. but ethereal? I think I might give up on this idea ... what are you guys tagging things with? (sorry, that's not necessarily directed at anyone in particular ... perhaps I just have a different grasp on the word than you do)

I'm giving up on this tag ... tomorrow I tackle death metal, no doubt I'll get Enya on it.

(actually not tomorrow ... later in the week!)


  • Iridescence

    This is the tag I use by far the most but the only one of those I think i tagged was Lisa Gerrard. I can see why someone may tag Eno ethereal and Curve if they only knew a couple of their more ethereal songs but the others don't make much sense. It is sometimes hard to know how to tag artists with large and varied discographies but I think every widely used tag has some entries that are just stupid. Well at least you didn't get Britney Spears or something lol. I guess the only way to control it is to subscribe and tag yourself or be prepared to use the skip and ban buttons.

    Nov 5 2006, 18h47
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