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Sobre mim

Never did I expect to be changed forever when my whole-hearted search for the truth began in the summer of 2009. I had only set out to discover the extent of any corruption within our political system. Over time I learned that the most powerful people have been gradually pushing us towards a one-world government while also striving to destroy all religions, specifically Christianity. This threw me off as I had associated many of them with Christianity and I was convinced that it and really every religion was only a means to oppress people. To my surprise, I’d soon realize that true Christianity is very much the only means to true freedom and much of its destruction has already come by way of its utter misrepresentation. However, before I really began to comprehend this, God put into my life the person I would consider to be the most instrumental in my salvation. Throughout the fall, as I would share my conspiratorial knowledge with David, he would listen while gently pointing me towards Jesus. Eventually he invited me to a Bible study sometime in the winter. Before agreeing, I thought to myself, “How open-minded am I if I don’t go to this?” So I go and enjoy it enough to return. Together, the group of us only had to read and discuss a fraction of the Bible before it became clear to me why the most evil people would like to see it destroyed. As the master they serve is purely evil, the Bible is purely good. Slowly it poured amazing truths about the world and myself onto me and I became pro-Christian and utterly convinced that the Bible is the true Word of God. By the early spring, I acknowledged my need for Jesus and I asked Him into my heart on a particularly rough day at work. About a week later, on April 12th, 2010, David encouraged me to confess this out loud as I apparently sounded much like a believer. So I did, and the Lord became my Lord.
By the next day, I was crying tears of joy while working and thanking God for the otherwise menial job I had come to resent up until then. Also, I already felt compelled to share the news of this recent miracle with most people I came into contact with. My girlfriend, with whom I was living, didn’t know what to think of it until April 18th when God had prompted me to move back home. To her dismay, I obeyed, and never have I felt surer of anything in all my life. Once there, all thanks to God, my relationship with my father was immediately made 100 times better as I found myself with a greater sense of respect for him than ever before. Also, with Christ’s love, I was able to get much closer to my mother than in months past, hugging and kissing her and smiling as I let her know how much Jesus and I love her every chance I got. By now, the A.L.S. (Lou Gehrig’s disease) was two and a half years progressed, leaving her totally paralyzed, bedridden and unable to effectively communicate in any way --but still very conscious, thank God. She cried after a few days, I think because it took a while for her to believe I was serious as I had been so openly anti-Christian for most of my life. Then, on May 4th, the Lord took my mother Home. As my dad was hysterical with grief, I was being showered with so much of God’s peace that I found it almost difficult not to laugh. My mom just joined Jesus in Heaven and He had spared me the worst regret in all my life by putting me there for her last few weeks on this earth. Her funeral fell on Mother’s day.
That was all within the first month of my rebirth in Christ. Since then, life has been no less profound as God has been so graciously transforming me and infusing every aspect of my life with a tremendous sense of purpose. It is still mind-blowing to realize the many ways He had been preparing me for His sake all along. Having written poetry for several years, I feel wonderfully blessed as He could immediately make use of me. For Him, I pray that all I do and say would set ablaze the hearts He allows me to reach. If we love God and just let Him be God, He can and will free us to be whom He intended. I sought the truth and the truth, Jesus Christ, found me.

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