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  • al_solaris

    wow thats good to hear! well hope even if he dont gonna come to russia, he can come to bulgaria or around, this time sure i'll be there :D if u ll get some news about it, inform me pls :D

    18 Fev 12h22 Responder
  • al_solaris

    oh guys.. its really addictive.. +1 listener

    18 Fev 11h29 Responder
  • al_solaris

    oh i see that.. i ve missed it somehow, let me download and try as well :D oh i wanna go his concert tooooo much :( watched some videos, its just awesome. so energetic

    18 Fev 11h25 Responder
  • Synth44

    I agree! I can't wait for the full album. :)

    18 Fev 8h57 Responder
  • al_solaris

    i really cant stop listen to celldweller.. this is an ilness:))

    18 Fev 6h45 Responder
  • Synth44

    You'll never stop me! ;)

    17 Fev 17h52 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Oh thanx u really made me into one more good band:)

    11 Fev 19h53 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Wow hope so, it should be really perefct :)

    10 Fev 18h33 Responder
  • al_solaris

    heyy i like The Luna Sequence despite i dont like instrumental music as much, but it was really good!

    10 Fev 8h26 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Yeah) so, whats going on there? I tried voicians, its really cool!

    8 Fev 18h50 Responder
  • al_solaris

    ahah u know when i came to bg first time and opened tv, some music clips.. oh. i closed it in 5 second :D its really thrash, i havent seen smth like that even on russian tv :D no, actually, im not hater of pop music, especially in summer, on the beach and so on i dont expect to hear smth like Disturbed there :D but chalga is really TOO much for my ears

    6 Fev 10h43 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Im little bit younger than u, but sometimes I feel myself 40 yrs old, so I know thay feeling:) I grew out of lots of bands as well.. before I was listening only russian rock and now I cant stand it, for example :) and before I used to go concert 3-4 times per month:) and now 3-4 per year.. so yeah I understand that) well what made me shocked in bg, that in spite of this "chalga" is really popular there, anyway there are lots of ppl who listen really quality music. So quantity of ppl at the gigs its just proof

    6 Fev 5h48 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Well hope ur wish will come true :) hmm why dobt u go to gigs anymore, if u r really 26 I cant say u r too old to be there :D for me its always real happiness to see my best artists live, it gives me energy and power for a long time. I dont thibk I will ever be too old for it :D so, russia and Bulgaria have lots of familiar things, sure some cities in both of this countries still stay in a ussr time :D but I think that people are really different. Of coz there are lots of dumb "beach boys" especially on a back sea coast, but Ive met lots of really interesting and good ppl and made lots of friends there.

    5 Fev 22h37 Responder
  • al_solaris

    *got awesome concerts, idiot phone)

    5 Fev 22h21 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Yea thats really true.. anyway im quite depressed now coz I know for russia its just begun. Next years will be much harder. I had plans to immigrate this summer but everything ruined now and I have no idea what is my future.. right, music helps a lot! Well nevermind:) I just miss bulgaria, sun, sea and tasty food :P also sometimes u ve hot awesome rock concerts or fests there with bands which never come to russia, so ive really enjoyed many times

    5 Fev 22h20 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Well I think anywhere is worse than russia now. Sure I ve spent lots of time in bg and not only as a tourist, so I know the reality. I know its not so wealthy and stable country, but anyway.. ppl seem like more happy there :P about job, lucky u. My company cut off my salary 50% this and next month due to the crysis. But im happy coz lots of my friends just lost their jobs..

    5 Fev 22h10 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Yeah it is. I really wish to live there forever :D lucky u. How s economic situation now in bg, btw?) Here its sucks :( Im really scared that this summer I will spend at home..

    5 Fev 21h58 Responder
  • al_solaris


    5 Fev 21h51 Responder
  • al_solaris

    I will check it, sure! Oh sofia. I've been there only twice. But I've spent a lifetime in Burgas :) last 11 years im visiting it every year. Eh.. well im from st petersburh.

    5 Fev 21h50 Responder
  • al_solaris

    Wow thanks a lot! U really helped me coz I felt in love with this style since I ve heard it first time.. I ll check it tomorrow when I got a normal onternet connection coz now im using my mobile phone :/ btw, from which city r u from?

    5 Fev 21h43 Responder
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