Ben Folds & Jukebox the Ghost


Mar 25 2009, 3h40

Sat 21 Mar – Ben Folds, Jukebox the Ghost

This was a really great show, it was a lot of fun and both bands were awesome. I had gotten a copy of Jukebox the Ghost's album before the show, but they really impressed me. I am going to have to listen to them more now, because they were just great, and they sound just like their CD live. Ben himself was just as awesome as ever, and so was the band, especially the multi-instrumentalists. He played a lot more new songs than I was expecting, but that's not a bad thing. He played all the staples, and I was ever so glad to get to hear Underground and Army, which are two of my favorites. And of course there were those people there who wouldn't stop yelling for Bitches Ain't Shit and Rock This Bitch, but that's alright. Ben Folds hasn't disappointed me yet.


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