• WUOG Playlist

    Jul 7 2008, 4h57

    Working on my basic playlist extras for next semester at the station. Lots o' new albums being finished over the summer while the college kiddies are away. Sleepy Horses new one ought to be done by August, Brothers Gore, despite their dissolution, will have something by Novemeber.
    Captain #1 just "officially" released their new one. A word on the packaging, it's creative but so hard to put back together. Love the idea, hate the little puzzle box thing you have to put together.
    Brent Cash, of the late and great Television Buzz, released his new album in the spring. I'm not usually one for beachy type harmonies but I am loving this thing.
    Christopher Henderson, great find. Last one to do Live in the Lobby for spring semester, he wowed me with his simple guitar/vocal/harmonica arrangement. Very broken sounding voice. Lovely to fall asleep dreaming to.

    Anyway, that's just a taste of what's coming up at WUOG.Brent CashCaptain #1Sleepy HorsesThe Brothers Gore
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    Jun 26 2008, 3h40

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