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  • scroll_box


    Ontem 11:29 Responder
  • scroll_box

    i was refering to your post at hum of druid page (probably ancient but whatevs

    31 Jul 12h39 Responder
  • scroll_box


    31 Jul 12h39 Responder
  • scroll_box

    hipster bullshit

    29 Jul 13h20 Responder

    why wasn't I invited to the versace ice cream birthday party? :-(

    25 Jul 21h59 Responder
  • mushin_no_shin

    curious what the name of your next mix will be

    25 Jul 16h34 Responder
  • kailasha- pretty much everything up to the Blue Years is worth hearing, though if you haven't heard them before I recommend starting with Phaedra and Zeit

    25 Jul 2h26 Responder
  • helloimjoshua

    thanks man, i'll check it out soon!

    22 Jul 17h10 Responder
  • HedorianForever

    Thanks for the rec and the thread meny posted (I'm too lazy to post in two shoutboxes).

    21 Jul 21h25 Responder
  • meltapple

    but also, kind of, the band!

    21 Jul 21h16 Responder
  • meltapple

    to quote Sloan, "it's not the band i hate, it's their fans."

    21 Jul 21h16 Responder
  • HedorianForever

    I was talking about the Forest of Evil stuff. I haven't heard much trve stuff, but the album I liked most of the two I've listened to was Altitude 3000 by Cecil Leuter.

    21 Jul 21h15 Responder
  • menyauthe

    kornhole him

    21 Jul 21h15 Responder
  • HedorianForever

    fuck you meny don't korn me ;_;

    21 Jul 21h12 Responder
  • HedorianForever

    v Hit me up with the stuff as well, need more library thingies.

    21 Jul 21h11 Responder
  • menyauthe

    Gotta say, this Korn talk goin on down yonder talk is giving me mad middle/early high school feels.

    21 Jul 21h10 Responder
  • menyauthe

    Yeah, looking at the Lair picture is what made me remember it. Man, that is the fucking coolest piece of art.

    21 Jul 21h07 Responder
  • HedorianForever

    21 Jul 20h37 Responder
  • meltapple

    re: Tool, Aenima was my shit, when i was 12-14. Lateralus was a'ight, but i got fed up of hearing people yammer on about Danny Carey incorporating the fibonacci sequence into the drumming of one of the tracks (I get it - it's just boring as shit!). by the time they came out with 10,000 Days = ded 2 me. the Deftones x Maynard track on White Pony was flippin great. I still like Deftones, but i didn't get into them until a bit later, (and to me they're of a better calibre than most of the "nu metal" dirge previously listed) which is why i don't really count them amongst the other stuff.

    21 Jul 20h33 Responder
  • kailasha-

    that korn album is approved by the scaruf', SEVEN POINT FIVE

    21 Jul 20h14 Responder
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