Songs Added July 20 - Aug 2


Ago 2 2006, 12h44

Added a lot of new albums these last two weeks.
First up was
The latest Cheap Trick album. No stand out amazing tracks, but consistantly good anyway.
Achtung Baby It's the third album by U2 that I've bought.
The Fly is a sweet song. Most of the rest of the album is good too.
Billy Talent II
Like Rockford, it's a good all round album, but with no really great tracks.
Greatest Hits
First album by Stevie Wonder in my collection. Some great songs. Some, not so great songs.
The Greatest Hits: Why Try Harder
Fatboy Slim is one of the few Electronic Artists I like. Some great songs on here.
Full Moon Fever
Really good album. Running Down a Dream is an excellent song, but the rest of the album is also good.
I also got the Soundtrack to Dumb and Dumber, which i haven't really listened to yet, but the movie has plenty of good songs, so it should be good.


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